Sandwiches. A Journey.

not too hot

Mammy is mad for making me try new things.  Her and daddy eat sandwitches but I like to just eat the bits out of it and then other bread on it’s own with NO BUTTER unless I do want butter in which case they better know that I wanted butter that time.  I like bagels a lot with NO BUTTER.

But when I saw mammy eating a sandwitch and she didn’t give me one I definitely wanted it then, and I ate up all of hers.  It had tomatie and cheese and butter and it was in a stick of bread and it was yum.  So now they are giving me things stuck in bread again.  The other day I made a sandwitch on my own with my toast and my spaghetti hoops and once mammy made me hold it with 2 handies I spilled barely any hoops at all.

Having an investigate

This is faheeta.  It’s not a very spicy one.  I ate some then pulled some apart.  I said the quorn bits were DISGUSTING really loud and I ate some more then.  I don’t know what disgusting is.  I think I learned that at creche because I never heard mammy say food is disgusting because she said she only eats food she likes in her own house which isn’t fair because she tries to make me eat things I don’t like.  That’s okay though I change my mind a lot.

Mammy liked them a lot too, she said the sauce was yum and that her heart wouldn’t burn after.



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