We’re having a corn moment


Sometimes we go and play with my cousins and when we’re there we have a barbecue. Everyone eats outside but we don’t do it in my house because mammy won’t eat sausages and burgers and chicken but my uncle Jamie and my uncle Paul make her veggies on sticks and she likes that. I think we should get an outside Hot Hot Hot Dangerous Don’t Touch oven so that mammy and daddy could make my dinnertime and play wiv me in the garden too kicking a ball and picking up eughhh slugs.

I like more than sausages and chicken too I like espeshully garlic bread and yellow sweetcorn. I often eat it with my dinner in lots of little bits on my plate but when I saw my cousins Daisy and Clare eat it all stuck together on a round thing I thought that was a very good idea. Mammy tried to give me a small one but I shouted til I got a big one same as them. Even though mammy and daddy don’t make outdoors food mammy still managed to make me stuck together corn for my lunch. I was working very hard in the garden earlier so I needed yummy food not asgusting food and this was it.



– Dom


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