(Thai) curry in a hurry

I love a good curry, and although I do most cooking from scratch I usually rely on shop bought pastes to start off a curry.  Another thing I’m pretty fond of is Thai food, but it’s very hard to be sure it’s vegetarian, due to the prolific usage of Nam Pla (fish sauce).  Most Thai curry pastes I’ve picked up in the supermarket have it – green curry seems to be the least likely to contain it from my unscientific survey.  Until now – there’s a brand called Thai Gold which surprisingly and delightfully is based in my home town of Wexford.

I’ve used their massamam, green & red curry pastes, all of which are clearly marked Gluten Free & Vegetarian.  The pastes themselves are the basic set up for your curry – they’re not swimming in oil, and require you to add the sugar/oyster sauce/fish sauce yourself in the cooking process. So they’re easily adaptable.  It may not be totally authentic, but I just substitute the oyster sauce & nam pla with some soy sauce and bobs your uncle.

I make them with tofu and veggies (spuds for the massamam) and some brown rice.  They’re a great dinner to make a big batch of for 2 days – the flavour seems to develop even more overnight.  And best of all – Dominic has declared them ‘is deliciousss mammy’.


I was not bribed in any way to write this post.  No-one ever sends me anything frankly.


7 thoughts on “(Thai) curry in a hurry

    1. Have you not seen specialist yellow-belly shops? Selling rissoles, cheddar, strawberries & thai gold. They’re beside the Polish shops and Asia markets, all over Dublin sure! 😉

      I’ve bought it in Superquinn & Dunnes. Think it’s in SuperValu too, and then smaller health food type shops too. I don’t think Tesco have it.


    1. Yeah it’s so tasty isn’t it? When I made it first I cooked rice with it, then when I had it for lunch sure I didn’t bother with the rice – it’s a bit of a carb overload so with the spuds alone it was a lovely hearty soup type lunch


  1. I have the same vegetarian issue with fish sauce in Thai food, so thanks for pointing this one out! Must pick a jar up next time I’m in Superquinn and see can I give Diep a run for their money 🙂


    1. yahoo! hard to get a straight answer from nice takeaways too unfortunately. “see this, this one with tofu? its not got a ‘v'” “oh yeah it should it’s vegetarian” “are you sure what about fish sauce?” “oh i’m not sure”


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