Noodle slurp

Is it ramen or just noodle soup?

I write this in the midst of a horrible headcold.  So really I need to make this again as it’s a healthy, tasty feel good broth.  After our slightly disappointing trip to Wagamama (where I freely admit we made too conservative a choice for Dominic) I decided to make my own noodle soup.

(Can you sense a theme at the minute? – we’re really digging our noodles and currys on the blog right now)
As I’m on maternity leave right now, I’m always on the look out for quick lunch options that aren’t bagel-cheese-tomato-lettuce.  I’m so sick of that!  So I picked up some Clearspring Organic Instant Miso Soup Paste – figured a sachet of this and some noodles would be a lovely lunch in 5 minutes.   Instead I was distracted by the thoughts of a more substantial meal for all of us.  Having used 2 sachets in this soup (box of 4 was €3.99 in Dunnes) I’m going to go buy a full pouch or jar of the paste as the sachets don’t seem particularly economical at all.

I fried up some tofu in some sesame oil in one pan.  Then I sauteed some ginger, garlic and leek and added the miso dissolved with 400ml of water and another 750ml of Marigold stock in a large saucepan.

I simmered this with a head of broccoli and a chopped courgette and added some Udon noodles.   I have a rather large noodle selection in the cupboard – Chunsi brand Udon from the Asia supermarkets on Drury St and at the Jervis Luas stop, and the Clearspring Soba are two of my favourites.  I’ve run the gamut of gammy flavoured noodles but I find stick with the plain ones and add the flavour yourself is the best advice I can offer.


This fed 2 adults and a toddler for dinner and lunch for the 2 adults the next day.  Maybe I’ll actually look up a recipe next time, so I can officially call it ramen and not just noodle soup!


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