Passing the baton

He was once this small.

Way back when, this happened.

Then it feels like I blinked and 2.5 years have passed since Dominic first sat up there.  Now he has become the moving blur in the back of all the newer photos and he had to be persuaded to give up his Tripp Trapp for his brother Theo, who in a similar whirlwind has become an alert little boy, interested in everything around him but not so much food yet.  But we’ll get there.  We’re ready to go.

Are you sure it's okay with him mama?
Are you sure it’s okay with him mama?
Yes! New teething toy!
Yes! New teething toy!

I did offer him a lovely corn fritter last night.  The one me and Mark and Dominic could barely spare they’re so popular with us.  He flipped over his plate, the fritter went on the ground and had a good gnaw on the plate.  But second time round?  I’m cool as a cucumber.  Baby led weaning, it’s for the relaxed mama.

Happy Christmas one and all




2 thoughts on “Passing the baton

  1. He is gorgeous! Just like big brother.
    Romy was very slow to get going with food – the opposite of big sis. Loves it now though – a big fan of the famous banana pancakes in particular 🙂


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