Getting there.

The records clearly state…

I’m not organised enough to do meal plans, or write down when my children first got teeth, or what they weighed when, or when they hit any milestones. So it surprised me when I came across a notebook in which I diligently recorded nearly the first 3 months of what Dominic ate.  (I said diligently, I didn’t say neatly…)

I know for sure I didn’t know anyone in the flesh that had done baby led weaning, so I guess I needed a record both for myself and for skeptics. Makes me feel almost guilty about the very very laissez-faire attitude I’ve had so far with Theo. Plus ca change… it reflects my general parenting style I suppose.

Enough of the faux French, check back tomorrow morning for a wee post about how we’ve been getting on with Son Number 2.


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