Falling at the first hurdle, or a helping hand?

You’d think there wouldn’t be so many surprises the second time round. The learning curve with weaning of any kind is steep, as much for parents as for junior.

hey! this was a good plan mama
hey! this was a good plan mama

I can’t remember how Dom took to pre-loaded spoons.  But I know that he did master them, by a couple of weeks later than this stage with Theo.  In fact there’s a very cute video here. I’ve racked my brains and can’t think how it started, so I just went ahead and handed Theo a spoon  with an assortment of items (not at the same time) – porridge, bananacado, thick soup, and more often than not he flips the spoon and sticks the handle in his mouth.  So this evening, with a lack of anything else for dinner to give him, and parent no.2 not home I decided he could  have some of my massamam curry, with tofu, butternut squash and of course potato.  I use the Thai Gold brand of paste, which I’ve blogged about before here.

The pieces were in small cubes, and we’re not in pincer grip territory yet, so I thought I’d try the pre loaded spoon again. I gave it a wee mash up, to a good soft but lumpy texture, and added some natural yogurt to cool down the spice. FLIP off went the curry across the table and the spoon went in upside down.  I had a little lightbulb moment, he doesn’t know what he’s missing! I put some on the spoon, coaxed open that little mouth and SPOON FED him.  I did this 3 times with small amounts, then he shrieked when I took the spoon away.  You want it that bad baby?  Help yourself!  And he did, roaring indignantly each time I took the empty spoon back from him.

The spoon: it contains yummy stuff.  He just didn’t realise it.



10 thoughts on “Falling at the first hurdle, or a helping hand?

    1. Coined by a June mammy friend Orla, it is indeed exactly what it sounds like – mashed banana and avocado, and delicious on toast for grown ups and kids.


  1. Lightbulb moment! I must try that with Sophie. I give her the spoon to play with when I finish feeding her and she’s usually pretty good at figuring out which end goes in, but haven’t trusted her with preloaded spoons.


    1. Just make sure it’s something nice and thick or sticky that will make an attempt at adhering to the spoon while she negotiates it in – there’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip as they say. (though i’m sure that has a less literal meaning than in this context)


  2. So, then, he ate it right? Well done. Today i decided i was tired of my son not eating (i´ve been giving him bits and pieces since the 31st of dec a few days before he was 6 months) so bought bread sticks and put some avocado on it (non bananacado but will do that tomorrow!) and hey he ate a tiny bit, i think. So that´s good. I am only letting the whole thing tick along till i can be back in my place and my kitchen. It is hard to do this at your parents as i feel bad about getting all dirty and can´t cook myself… So i am keeping it very simple, i only give him broccoli, carrot, toast, avocado, melon…. not a very long list but as i said, will be doing it better (i hope!)
    Thanks for letting us know how you are getting on. It is very useful for first time BLW mums.


    1. he did! he ate about 5 spoons worth himself which is a lot for him. also, for him to concentrate on something for that long was impressive too!

      I wouldn’t worry about your variety too much, you know it’s only temporary, and you’ll expand his repertoire soon enough. I know that it can feel a little like you’ve to prove yourself when you’re doing it in front of possibly skeptical people too. I did bring a banana to my friends house for T today, but I chickened out and gave him drier food instead. After 30 odd years of eating bananas happily myself, it was only through baby led weaning I discovered what a messy staining food they could actually be!

      You could try wedges of avocado either – just cut some notches in the strip/wedge so it’s a little easier to hold? Is there any way you could cook some simple stuff – like sweet potato wedges or something like that, or does your mum rule over the oven strictly?


  3. Oh my god it’s scary how much J sounds like T! The spoon is a must have item on his tray now and woe betide the silly mammy that forgets it especially if she dares to use one right in front of him!


    1. Hope it wasn’t a fluke now – must try him with a bit of my porridge in the morning… I love when they shout out you eating, like ‘whats that mammy am i missing something good?’


  4. I can’t concentrate as long as your baby to say how brilliant it is that he’s onto the spoon because you mentioned bananacado on toast and now I have to try that, it sounds delicious!


    1. Sounds wrong, is right! well actually the word sounds great, but the combination sounds odd.

      I don’t want him on the spoon as such, it’s just a bit easier to eat say, natural yogurt with a spoon than anything else, so it’s one of his necessary life skillz covered alright!


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