Who’s in charge?

Baby is!  I’m in charge of what he’s offered, but the ball is in his court when it comes to consumption. No poking or prodding a spoon into a clamped shut mouth. Just offer, and then don’t take it personally either way.

I’ve mentioned it over and over, but it’s really a point that needs to be hammered home when you take this approach – food under one is just for fun!

The one thing I’ve really noticed so far with Theo is that if he doesn’t feel like eating, he just won’t. In that regard I love baby led weaning because I’m not stressing over the fact that he was into breakfast but not into lunch or dinner. It’s not necessarily what we’re offering him, but whether he even feels like eating at all at that particular time.

I'll have a bit of this then.
I’ll have a bit of this then.

I wrote last summer about how Dominic had gotten into sandwiches. We send in a wrap, a small bagel, or a wholemeal sandwich with cheese & turkey in his lunch bag each day he goes to playschool. But it was never something he wanted as a baby – he used to look at them as a puzzle, something to pull apart and examine .

Today after a hectic morning at a local playcentre it was toasted sandwiches on the menu for lunch. I made Theo a little sandwich with the crusts off and he loved it. Crusts off so he didn’t just fill up on them, not because he couldn’t have them. He grasped it tight and it went straight in. I know well enough by now he would just let it fall to the ground and go back to gnawing a plate it if he didnt feel like eating.

I just put some cream cheese & some cheddar in it. I don’t think we’re ever going to have calcium issues in this house so it would be nice to veer away from cheese! I’m thinking avocado would be good, anything that “sticks” the sandwich together basically. Today was a bit of a hmm what’s in the fridge day.

I’d love to hear suggestions for a super healthy baby friendly sandwich filling?



9 thoughts on “Who’s in charge?

  1. Hummous FTW! Though I’m devastated that M&S stopped doing their mini pitas – I used to always have the wholemeal ones in the freezers and those fllled with hummous were a big favourite.

    Our big girl also still loves almond butter sandwiches, though I haven’t tried them with baby yet. Tends to be a very messy, if tasty option.


    1. Oh the ol’ almond butter! YUM. We went through so much of that, that Dominic point blank refused one day. But we still used it for sauces. Must dig that out. Thanks!


  2. Such a good point about not taking it personally – it’s hard sometimes when you’ve slaved over a hot stove lovingly preparing something and then they just aren’t interested! We’re yet to try sandwiches; you’ve inspired me to give them a go this week.


    1. And, of course the bonus with BLW is, well if they don’t eat it, you will because it’s family food. So you don’t have to take it peronally and there’s no waste!


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