That’s why we don’t eat animals. Recruitment drive.

I’ve been writing this blog for a couple of years now, and theres only so many baby/toddler/preschool straight up food posts I can write.  I kinda boxed myself into a corner with the subject matter.  So if you don’t mind terribly, from time to time I may write about something else.  Probably food, or parenting, or health and nutrition based – I won’t stray too far.  I did this before here, shortly before I had Theo I’ve done some guest posting in my time, most notably here on the fabulous MindTheBaby blog.

Bringing home the bacon…

Given my last post was about the cooking of the flesh, I thought the following exchange was worth recounting.  I don’t cook meat, I don’t touch it where possible.  In my 17 years as a vegetarian, and my 10 years with meat-eatin’-Mark, I’d say the most I’ve done it turn a rasher on the grill for him.   And for the child, I’ve put some cooked turkey in a sambo.  Okay, I didn’t ‘cook’ any flesh with the croquettes, I opened the tin of tuna, but sheesh, that was rotten enough.  And no, not baby steps…this is not something that will be progressing!

I’m not forcing my ways on anyone, but I’ll raise kids more accustomed to cooking tofu & lentils than burgers & sausages (unless they’re Lovely Linda McCartney’s), and then they can make their own call.

So, the other night, we were reading the gorgeous ‘Where The Wild Things Are’
DOM ‘We don’t chase dogs’.
ME ‘No we don’t.  Not dogs or cats or any animals.  We have to be nice to animals.’
DOM ‘Yes.’
ME ‘Mammy is so nice to animals she doesn’t even eat them.’
DOM ‘I don’t eat animals.’
ME ‘Yes you do.’
DOM ‘No I don’t.’
ME ‘Yes, mammy doesn’t eat animals, but Daddy and Dominic do.’
DOM ‘No we don’t!’    (*giggles likes eating animals is the maddest thing on earth which it is*)

It struck me that though chicken meat is called chicken, and turkey called turkey, and most fish flesh generically called fish, that wee Dominic may not have made the small ‘from farm to fork’ leap required in his mind.  He poked the bacon that came with his french toast in a restaurant the other day and though he knew it was a rasher of sorts, he asked me “What’s in this mammy?”

Where will this lead dear readers? Where will this lead…


5 thoughts on “That’s why we don’t eat animals. Recruitment drive.

  1. Hey Jill,
    It a dilemma all right.
    I’ve been a veggie for 23 years and while Rach is technically a meat eater , I do 99% of the cooking so she doesn’t eat much meat really.
    Farley, who is almost 8 months old now, has been exclusively breast fed for the first 6mths .We have been baby led weaning now for almost 2 month in addition to the boob. So far, so good, he loves his broccoli .

    I have been deliberating hard about the whole meat thing for Farley.
    While I don’t want to force my beliefs on anyone, I have come to the decision to raise the boy with a meat free diet.

    What made the decision easier for me was the fact that when I think about my own path to vegetarianism , ( regular upbringing with yer standard meat and spuds etc for dinner), the one regret is that I didn’t have the choice to never have eaten animals.

    I feel , even though I have been V for 23 years, saddened that I ever consumed animal. Guilty even.

    I want Farley to have the choice, but the choice I want him to have is to continue to never eat animal or , if he decides he wants to try it later in life, to do so.
    If I give him meat now, he will never be able to undo that.

    Rachel is happy with this decision and , of course, we will ensure he gets all the nutrients etc that he needs to be healthy and strong from a non meat diet.

    I know I will spend much time defending that decision to grandma’s and the like but, well, so be it.

    This is the right decision for this family but of course it won’t be for everyone , so I’m not suggesting that anyone else should do this unless it were right for them , but if it helps anyone to present my decision and my reasons for it then thats great. If people think i’m wrong, they are more than welcome to disagree with me


    1. What a thoughtful response, thank you so much. Our child rearing experiences are very similar up to now (Theo’s just gone 7 months) and probably our own childhoods too. But I lack guilt over my 15 years of meat eating I have to say. I had a meat, spuds & veg upbringing, and never saw any other option, so I’m not going to expend any energy regretting that. My mum was supportive when she realised I was serious, and did her research, and bought chickpeas n all, bless her! Meat eating Mark on the other hand actually had experimental parents – his dad using TVP in Meath in the 80’s and his mum making lentil bolognaise (with red lentils though I think that might have been a problem!). It’s almost entirely meat free in our house now too – I do more cooking, but Mark cooks veggie for the family too. He has a rare (in every sense) steak, but if I’m away, because I give out about the smell so much!

      I said on twitter I was a lazy veggie mama, I know that’s not really true, but I guess I made the lazy decision for my kids. Dominic goes to creche, and Theo starts there in 4 weeks (argh!). Lots of childcare places here buy in food delivered daily, and if so you can easily stipulate the dietary requirements. Ours is a non-chain creche, and they cook in-house. It’s also pretty old school, so lots of stews, bolognaise, coddle, roasts, ham etc. It’s not ideal IMO but we chose it for a number of reasons. And the lazy part is that I wasn’t willing to work full time & also send in every single bit of food they need each day. I send in 3 snacks at it is. Kids…hungry little blighters.

      Luckily I’d get no stick from either granny if they were veggie. And that day will come, mark my words…


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