There’s no ‘I’ in team.

This is post is just one in a series by some of the Irish Parenting Bloggers group.  We’re celebrating!  Two of our members are having baby girls early this year – one has arrived (Aine of Andmybaby – on leave at the moment!) and one is to come (Lisa of  Best of luck girlies!  So for my part in this virtual baby shower – being the mama of 2 boys myself – I want to share a mama’s view of big brotherhood.

Surrounded by maleness so far, in partnership with your husband you have kept safe a Tasmanian devil of a small boy with its’ non-stop twirling, whirling, flinging itself off sofa edges, precarious chairs, the tiniest of steps…  I don’t claim your wee lass won’t do that too.  But not now.  Now is the time to drink her in, her rosebud lips, her button nose, her small mewling and load roars and her nuzzling at your breast.

Boys wreck your house, girls wreck your head – so the saying goes.  I think both genders can manage a good line in destructive physical or emotional activity.  But still, not now. Now she just has needs, and she needs you.

That little boy? He will be her chief tormentor, her fiercest defender.  She will light up for you, with gurgly smiles.  But she will light up quickest for him, the sight of him appearing in her field of vision will cause expectant giggles.  You will spend all day and all night tending to her, and to him, and sometimes they will only have eyes for each other.  He may hurt her with his love, he may throw himself across her small body – such is the weight of his love he must express it with wrestling.  Your patience will be tested as you pry the adoring elder sibling off, waiting to see if little one is happy or sad.  She will undermine your need to discipline him, by laughing, and you find you cannot scold.

And then you realise, you’ve created a team, and you are their biggest fan, and their trusted coach.

xx to Lisa & Aine!

My Countdown Conundrum-style letter for today, is (Give us a consonant please Carol) T. When the girls have all the letters from all the posts they get to jumble them up and receive a smashing baby shower pressie.

Yesterday’s post came from Kate at The Nest, tomorrow the shower will end fabulously with Amy at The Daily Muttering.

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11 thoughts on “There’s no ‘I’ in team.

  1. Chief tormenter and fiercest defender – that is just the type of sibling relationship I remember so fondly from growing up as the eldest of four. I can’t wait for my Little Man to experience having a sibling – although I’m worried about how he’ll fare during the transition, I hope that soon enough he and his little sister will be up to mischief together.

    Thank you for this lovely post! 🙂


  2. Lovely post Jill and so true. Rían and Carys share such a special bond and she adores her big brother. Even though she’s 14 months old now he still calls her “my baby Carys”. So sweet. As you also noted girls can be the wild ones too and my daughter is much more so than my son. She’s way more physical and he’s more sensitive but the bond is still the same as you beautifully described 🙂

    Good luck girls with your new arrivals xxx


  3. Thanks all – I’m the youngest of 4, but I do have a brother 2 years older than me, so I can definitely vouch for the tormentor/defender aspect of the relationship. And the wrestling. (There was a *lot* of wrestling in the 80’s)


  4. Great read. I love how you shared your experience while at the same time making this post particular to Lisa & Áine’s situations.


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