Progress Report: Not exactly progressing

I'd rather eat fork.
I’d rather eat fork.

I’m gonna have to be honest here. We did have a big hit a few weeks ago with Kidney Bean & Walnut burgers but sure, baby likes to keep me on my toes.  When I made them again 2 out of 3 of my menfolk happily ate them up with me for dinner but not the little fella, not tonight.  He had them plated up with no bun and showed absolutely no interest but did chew some of the bun when offered afterwards. Doh.

It’s just, that now, at very nearly 9 months old Theo barely eats.  Barely at all, as far as I can see.  And that’s the crux of the matter – I’m starting to take it personally!  He eats in creche, oh yeah, loves his porridge each morning.  I offer him porridge an hour earlier and end up running late for work wiping it off the floor and wall.  Noms up chicken stew and all sorts with his minders.  Happily eats a yogurt, mandarin segments, grape halves.  (Main meals mostly mean spoon feeding in creche) Husband assures me the young fella eats a decent selection of small portions around him.  But me, oh no! I think I walk into view and all he sees is two giant boobs on legs.  That’s not how I look, not these days anyway.  He started in full time childcare a few weeks ago, and has gone from drinking maybe a total of 7 oz of formula during the day at the start, to today, where he drank none at all.  It’s called Reverse Cycling (he feeds very little during the day, and feeds at night instead), and it’s new to me this time round. Breastmilk may well be all I represent to him at the minute.  So that’s ok, but does this mean I can be excused from dinner duties?  Yeah right…

Storage in bib optional.

One simple quick lunch I can recommend is “quesadilla”.  The inverted commas are very necessary.  I don’t think if it would pass a Mexican test somehow.  These have proved popular  and I love them.  I’ve made these with 2 full size wraps and shared them with the kids, and done them with a mini wrap folded in half just for his nibs.  They’re dead handy, and super tasty whatever size you make them.

  • Stick a wrap under the grill to warm briefly while you prep your filling.
  • Grate cheese, grate apple or pear, or mash up some avocado.
  • Take wrap and  scatter grated cheese & fruit, or spread avocado and top with grated cheese.
  • Give it a quick grill.
  • Top with another wrap, and warm that a little.
  • Cut into wedges.
  • Yum.

I’ll keep ploughing on.  I can only urge my readers to please, offer me encouragement, and support, and use the archives to find all the wonderful food that stuffed 6, 7,  8, 9, 10… month old Dominic to the the gills.



13 thoughts on “Progress Report: Not exactly progressing

    1. A bit but you know what, at least I know what to do to soothe him, I’m not walking the floor with a distressed baby that won’t settle for me.


  1. I completely feel for you Jill. This exact same thing happened in our house. Hoovering up the food all around him when he was at creche but then mama and just mama at home. He didn’t really get into his food at home until around about when he hit 12 months and he hasn’t looked back since. But of course you can’t help but worry.

    Like the wise man before me said: you – and Ted – are doing great. xxxx


    1. Aww thank you! I think this came to a head with me this week because we spent time with my niece who’s 7 weeks Theo’s junior last weekend and she’s a little BLW pro. The contrast between her and him was quite something!


  2. Jill, I really feel for you. None of my 3 boys were great eaters and it took one of my twins months to really eat any solids, I think he was about 10 months before he showed much interest. Now he’s the best eater of the bunch 🙂 Moya’s taken to solids great but is a lazy self feeder and gets frustrated she can’t get the food into her mouth very well herself but gobbles up what I feed her. She still breastfeds all day and night to so, ya can’t win and can’t compare. He’ll be eating you out of house and home in no time 🙂


  3. We have the same model in baby number 2! Very disconcerting as her big sister has eaten 99.9% of what she’s been offered since her first bite of solids. Romy turns one next week and is only now in the last week starting to eat a proper 3 meals – she’s actually gone from only eating one teaspoon of porridge from my bowl to her own child’s portion within a few days, which is amazing. I think teething was a big part of it for her – she only wanted to breastfeed through the worst of it and some days would eat no more than a yoghurt and a bit of fruit. Seems to be getting there now though and I’m sure Theo will too!


    1. Fantastic to hear! Husbag tells me he ate a whole pancake himself this morning too while I slumbered 🙂
      Yogurt & fruit are such fall backs aren’t they?


  4. Sounds perfectly normal and infuriating to me!! That’s much how the first few months of BLW went in our house. I used to watch friends’ babies scoffing their food and doubt myself, but I needn’t have worried. Now at 3.5, the same kid who drove me to distraction happily eats up his breakfast, lunch and dinner – when he’s hungry. 🙂


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