Rolling and moving and eating

We’ve been very busy here in Properfud Towers.   My mama does running away a lot now.  Sometimes she gets medals and Dom has to not hit me with them.  My mama and dada are work work working all the time and though sometimes I’m sad when they go I have lots of fun in my creche.  My lovely minders bring me to see my brother and all his friends sometimes and they all love playing with Baby Teddy which is me.

I like when they give me my fud in creche. But incase they forget now I eat my porridge or my weetabix every morning at home too. I shout at mama while she puts food on my spoon so I can grab it from her.  She tries to eat hers at the same time and that is slow.  Ssssh don’t tell them I have two brekkies. My big brother told me about doing that and I think it’s a good idea.   For my snack I like to have a banana too I like it whole with its little jacket still on it a bit.  I love nanas but DomDom doesn’t ever.  I try other baby’s food too, like Ambrosia Rice Pudding and fruit pots and I tried some of DomDom’s biccie and I don’t know if mama is always happy but I don’t mind if she isn’t because I am.

Chewy pizza

Mama is happy though really because now I eat my dinner with them too. She pretended she wasn’t worrying but she was and now I’m nearly 10 months and I’m  rolling all over the floor and pushing myself around a bit and it makes me very hungry so I have to eat.  Mama and Dada learned to make pizza and it’s yum I like the chewy cheese and crust and the little veggies on it.

I also like when she does other grubs called noki.  She does them a bit my brother likes them and my dada. I know because he ate the ones I dropped on the floor.  I see all the things he eats and I know if things are good that way. Mama says he’s to be a good infloons on me and eat up his veggies. He eats carrots and juicyredpepper n all while mama is making dinner but I saw him eat animally biccies with choccy too. I wonder when I will be having them? I shout and shout my loudest when I want what he has but it doesn’t work so instead I’m going to learn some of words soon so they can’t pick me up and sing songs and not give me what Dom has.

Lil’ T


5 thoughts on “Rolling and moving and eating

    1. oh this fella is smart alright. smart enough to follow his brother’s every move and then some. I think we’re in for a lot of teamwork based mischief in the future!


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