Motion direction acceleration*

green means go, red means stop

There’s been a sudden move to forward motion this week. Our little baby, now 10.5 months – one week he’s rocking forward and back not so sure on his chubby hands and knees, the next he’s rocking and rolling and slipping and sliding all over the room not always forward but always getting where he wants to go.

Every day since I went back to work in March this year the hour directly before and after work have been a massive flurry of parental motion. Get kids in car drive to crèche drive home from crèche get on bike cycle to work aaaaand 9 hours later, reverse!

But not this week. This week, Theo crawled forward. And this week, Theo went on a bicycle for the first time.  It was Dominic that spurred us into action and made us change our routine back from four wheels to two.  He had started to ask more and more frequently when could he go on Daddy’s bike again after weeks of daily car trips.

Neither of us parents are particularly outdoorsy types but we are so inclined if it’s the easier way to do something. I can’t drive to work unless I want to pay for city centre parking, and Dublin Bus would add at least a precious hour in each day where I’m not with my boys. So bikes it is!  We had Dominic on the green Ibert seat above from about 10 months of age, swapping it from bike to bike depending who was dropping off and picking up.  Then flash forward, as my Theo-bump expanded I couldn’t fit behind anymore so I switched him to a regular rear seat (kindly donated by our friend) on my bike, and we left the Ibert on Mark’s bike.  They used it right up to the point I went back to work so it easily fits a 3 year old (up to 38lbs in fact).  I know there’s all sorts of cool carts and trailers and things for multiple kids but we actually haven’t investigated those at all this far.  Mostly for budgetary reasons.

I have dreams for my future big boys (when crippling crèche fees are a distant memory), dreams of idyllic family holidays, hopping on a ferry and all of us cycling – or being cycled – around the Netherlands or France.  But for now, we’ll whizz around the suburban streets of Dublin, knowing we’re minimising our commute and spending actual enjoyable time with our kids without the stress of sitting in  traffic.

Also, I’m relishing cycling down the road singing silly songs  with my son (or regular songs with the word poopoo inserted anywhere for reasons of hilarity)  because there’s a very short window until I am the most mortifying person he has ever encountered.

Get on yer bike.


*The title of this post is taken from the very very excellent They Might Be Giants “Speed & Velocity”  from one of their amazing albums for kids “Here Comes Science”.  I cannot implore you enough to listen to these albums with any small children you encounter.  Hickory Dickory Dock they ain’t.  My personal favourite is “The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas” and yes, my 3 year old can sing along.


7 thoughts on “Motion direction acceleration*

  1. Wow, ye are really cool (well, I already kew that!!), I love that ye do this and how amazing is it for your children?!


    1. Haha thanks Joanna! It’s kinda “needs must” in our case. Luckily our crèche is reasonably close to our house (unless you’re in the car when you get caught in school traffic) and from there it’s a manageable cycle to our workplaces.

      And also, bonus exercise done! Hard enough fit that in on top of full time work & 2 kiddies.


    1. Well this is it. Much more craic than the car. However I just saw the forecast for early next week, I might need to buy more kiddie wet gear…


  2. That is so cool! I love the baby bicycle seat, never seen it before! We don’t even own bikes ourselves, shows how active we are…


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