Nous sommes en vacances!

ImageImageWe’re on a campsite in the Basque region of France and are having a ball!

Bedtimes are abandoned and consequently rising times have been way more parent-friendly too. Just the right side of civilised to head out for croissants and pains aux chocolat for our breakfast. Just the former for Ted but that’s not to say this trip hasn’t been treat filled. He’s eaten everything from croissants to crevettes (prawns), from paella en France – at the post wedding brunch of Paul & Emeline which brought us here in the first place, to tapas en Espagne – during a quick trip over the border to San Sebastián where some sort of black pudding proved much to his liking. He’s eaten far more delicious glace (ice cream) than his brother had at this age. I found a gorgeous homemade salted caramel flavour but a few spoonfuls of framboise (raspberry) was more to his taste. Mark’s new-found barbecuing skills have been called upon and I’m sad to say Teddy has also enjoyed grilled steak and salmon. This summer has been the summer of meat as far as I can see, on holidays and otherwise. Here I’ve tried to make up for it by making up side dishes like mash with lentils and such. Not the most inspired sounding but the same lentils made a good base for the salmon. Lovely cheap cans of flavoursome seasoned pulses abound here in supermarkets like Carrefour that I could spend all day in left alone with just a trolley and a pack of madelines for company

All the new flavours, plus carb loading on delicious baguettes mean Teddy is coming on in leaps and bounds. Literally. He’s discovered he can climb and stand up all by himself. He’s yet to take that first step but its tantalisingly close.


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