The supermarket on my sofa: A Tesco online shopping review.

There’s things I prefer in life to pushing a wonky shopping trolley loaded with a grabby toddler and a pre-schooler begging for snacks. Like a trip to the dentist, or cycling uphill in the rain. I’ve used online shopping sporadically in the past, but I never seemed to be together enough to have a list ready to do it regularly. Sometimes, it just seems easier to pile everyone into the car and pluck enough random foodstuffs from the aisles to stay upright and functioning for the week ahead than it is to plan and budget and stick to a list.

From The Daily Edge’s “16 reasons to hate doing the ‘big shop’”

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Two developments

*sits back with coffee* I’ve got this parenting lark licked. Giving up on baby led weaning in favour of big brother led feeding. My work here is done.

And the other bit of news is that we have a walker. This began several days ago but it was daddy’s eyes only for the first couple of days. I discovered the secret this morning…Will walk for food! (Specifically bagel & cream cheese)