Psst! Know where you can get cheap coconut water?


Warning. May contain coconut water.
  • Take a corkscrew to the coconut holey bit. Stick a chopstick or similar into the hole and wheegie (it’s a word) it about to make a bigger hole.
  • Decant contents into a drinking receptacle through a sieve (repeat a couple of times if you like).   This coconut yielded about 200mls compared to that Vita Coco carton which has 330ml and sells for about €2.50-€3.  It’s gorgeous, potassium-packed and super hydrating, but I can’t afford it frankly.
  • Add a straw and fight over it with your 15 month old. (I’m so mature)
  • Congratulate self on many euros saved, and enjoy rest of delicious coconut flesh.   If anyone has any recipes for fresh coconut they’d like to share please do!

I also have it on good authority that Lidl will have coconuts for a mere 49c next week.


6 thoughts on “Psst! Know where you can get cheap coconut water?

  1. Wheegie different to wedgie?

    Also, is that all that coconut water is? I thought it was some new fangled “blend” of wonderfulness. Why isn’t it called coconut milk?
    All the questions! 🙂


    1. Wheegie is more whoosh it round a bit than wedge something tightly.

      That is all coconut water is imagine! Unless you buy the flavoured one. Off the top of my head, I guess coconut milk has the coconut flesh involved too to make it thicker & creamier


      1. Of course it’s best to tell the older child that it’s coconut juice which improves its attractiveness a gazillion fold. Also, he is more impressed with things in cartons than things just being liquid in a cup.


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