You know we belong together…

I had a very lovely conversation the other week with a girl I know at a wedding.  Whereupon I learned I have fans in Australia.  Ok, Ciara didn’t use the words fans, she said her and some of her mums group in Melbourne read the blog.  I immediately screeched “I HAVE AUSTRALIAN FANS!” (probably, I was standing very near the lady dishing out oodles of prosecco for quite a while…)

So I’m dead chuffed with that and it made me consider some aspects of where our journey is right now. I feel the weight of expectation, thinking of real life actual mums (as opposed to theoretical virtual ones) reading my words, taking my advice on board as an experienced parent of two. EEEEEK!

Hands up wimmin!* My knowledge of parenting in Australia currently extends to 90’s soaps, Kath & Kim and Summer Heights High. Is BLW common there – recommended by health visitors or frowned on? Have you any questions? Is there anything in particular you’d like me to talk about or cover? Are any of your daughters called Epponnee-Rae?

Don’t be shy, connect here or on my Facebook page. Now, I’ve got porridge to scrape off the walls and peas to take out of the cats’ bed.


*my call to arms (keyboards) extends to all parents and readers, not just mums. But I do want to give a shout out to these Aussie ones.


2 thoughts on “You know we belong together…

  1. I’m in stitches…not Australia more’s the pity! I am often to be found mesmerised by a Kath&Kim DVD. You are officially a worldwide sensation!


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