Best Laid Plans – Growing It Myself

here’s hoping

I’m quite excited.  In January the storms came, the wind huffed and puffed and blew our fences down.  State of our garden!  Weirdly the neighbours have a fence backing right on to ours (still upright), and in-between there’s the original low metal fences that ran between the houses.The man of the house dismantled all the wonky panels and left all the parts, nails and all piled up just outside the back door.  The weather has started to improve and I’m dying to let the kids run free out there but it’s a health hazard right now.

So we have no choice, we have to invest some money in the garden (read: empty our savings) and some men are coming next week to build new fences.  In for a penny, in for a pound – I’m getting a raised bed aswell!   Plans are afoot, tomatoes, lettuce and radish are first I think, with multiple beer traps.  Slugs have heard how much I hate them and thus congregate annually on our lawn taunting em.  Picture us now, wellies on, harmoniously and carefully spreading out seeds.  No way will compost be flung across the lawn.  No way no how, no siree.

Of course, I’m not the first parent to have notions about feeding their children organic-straight-from-the-garden-produce.  These Crappy Parents tried it too.  It can’t go any worse than that right?

photo credit: Chiot’s Run via photopin cc


8 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans – Growing It Myself

  1. Oh good luck Jill. We have just started our future food supply here too Jill. We have planted seeds in pots indoors for the moment; leaf salad, rocket and cherry tomatoes. We have also planted some new strawberry plants in hope they will be ready this year. want to do a herb garden and also plant some rhubarb. All great plans lol


    1. Oooh Dee that sounds like a lovely haul. I did courgettes and carrots in pots last year. I watched the courgettes flower beautifully then get no bigger than about 4 inches long, then die. Like an eejit I only ate one before they collapsed on themselves. And the slugs ate my grow bag cauliflowers!


    1. Thank you SO much for that tip. After a couple of disheartening years I really need to start with the easy things. Also, Dom will expect instant results.

      Yeah the cats would love chickens…


  2. Oh peas and beans are great Caitriona. we had a big vegetable garden in our last house and used to grow them.
    MIL and FIL are great for growing fruit and veg. Jayden LOVES grandad’s peas and beans.
    That’s a shame about the courgettes and cauliflowers Jill. I hate slugs. I have a slug phobia. terrified of them lol


    1. Oh April I will. Right now, it’s a bed, full of soil from where they excavated for inserting new fence posts. It doesn’t look the most fertile. Husband has promised he’ll be removing lots of that (to put down as a base for paving stones in another part of the garden) and then I’ll be able to fill full of compost & actually grow something…baby steps.


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