What I’ve learned

We’re two days into Big School now, and I’ve yet to break it to him that he won’t be staying at home with mum or his grandparents on mondays anymore. So we’ll see how that goes in the morning. He’s learned a few things in the five hours he’s attended so far – and so have I.  Like: Continue reading

This is it. Firsts.

Plenty of firsts here this week. Nothing unusual there: houses up and down the country are sorting out little pinafores and little schoolbags in anticipation of first days at school. Continue reading

Goulash. Yes, really.

Well I can tell you now for nothing, that goulash with boiled potatoes is the single most traditional dinner I have ever cooked. I’m not sure that I’ve ever cooked a stew of any kind in fact, even a beany one.  Well, I’ve gone and done it now.

Lego threat, incoming!

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Interior. Night.


A woman sits at her computer, trying to work after finishing reading bedtime stories and singing songs for the last forty minutes.  A small voice calls from off stage.  He is in a bedroom with his older brother, who is trying to sleep.

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