What I’ve learned

We’re two days into Big School now, and I’ve yet to break it to him that he won’t be staying at home with mum or his grandparents on mondays anymore. So we’ll see how that goes in the morning. He’s learned a few things in the five hours he’s attended so far – and so have I.  Like:

  • That he can eat a sandwich and some fruit and play in the yard and do some learning in 2.5 hours. And come home and immediately need more sandwiches.
  • That he can open and close his water bottle just fine.  But why would he? Day 2: soaked schoolbag.


  • That I need to learn the old art of patching.  Where somehow it seemed okay to go into montessori with ripped knees, it doesn’t seem so classroom appropriate, even if there’s no uniform.  He is very hard on the knees of his trousers.
  • That I have no idea what goes on now. There’s no daily feedback, no chatting idly to the teacher for 5 minutes at pick up.  I know the number of children in his class, but no names besides his montessori buddy, and no idea how many boys or girls there are.
  • That I can get from our house to school in a pleasing 10 minutes on my bike.  Including getting stuck at lights for a few minutes.
  • That he did science experiments on his second day. One involved ‘bubbly water’.

They say every day’s a school day and this mamma is still learning plenty.


3 thoughts on “What I’ve learned

  1. I am jealous of your 10 minute cycle. Next aim in my life is to move to within walking/cycling distance of school. Glad it’s going well for him – where did the last 4+ years go?!?


    1. I know it feels slightly surreal. We’ve even been arguing over who drops him to school, that novelty will wear off by Tuesday when I’m back in work after a week off I guess!

      If it makes you feel better it’s at least 5 minutes in the wrong direction for work for both of us!


  2. Those knee patches are COOL! Are you taking orders? 😉

    The no feedback thing must be weird, is it? Although sometimes I find myself forgetting all the details seconds after they’ve been relayed to me – “wait, what did he eat?” “how long did he sleep?” and then I realise it probably doesn’t matter unless the answer to both is 0.


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