Silly Fancy Bottom Pizza.

Twelve full seconds of silence. Watch them.  See the contented chewing and nodding and not hitting each other.  This could be your house too.  Read on!

I’ve named this post in honour of the insult the four year old doled out to me the weekend I decided to make pizza.  Silly Fancy Bottom he called me, a name I thoroughly enjoyed being called.  The pizza has a fancy bottom too, fancy in that it’s home made, and the toppings are silly because there’s no tomatoes or mozzarella involved.

I’ve detailed a time or seventy-five how I don’t like to follow recipes to the letter. I like to substitute,  whether I think I know better or I haven’t got the ingredients in, I fire ahead, with a song in my heart and a dollop of hope.  And a good portion of the time, it works out fine.  Then sometimes something just isn’t right.  And I never quite know what it is – my replacement or omission?  My oven? My spatula.  That must be it, my spatula was the wrong colour…  So, it turns out those chefs and foodies might know what they’re at with their “recipe testing” and their “tasting”.  Tsk.

Do not adjust your set.

So when appeared last year, I was delighted. I mean, I know youtube is bursting with recipe demos, but seriously you have to be dedicated to sift through them.  Forkful is run by two Irish foodies and their videos are like a cookery show segment without the guff. Although I won’t be making chocolate bacon anytime soon, a recipe for beetroot hummus caught my eye and sat prettily in the back of my noggin for the last year, unmade.

Then finally, it was featured again, atop a pizza in this recipe!  Now I’m not a fool, so I didn’t just make pizza with beetroot hummus on it and expect a two and four year old not to give me the “what is this malarkey?” side-eye.  I also made the super simple ricotta & pesto one.  In fact it was the simplicity of those toppings that spurred me on to spend some time making a base.

We usually buy bases from Pizza Da Piero made right here in Dublin, but this way they were even more locally-sourced.  Kneading was right fun, especially when I was able to convince Dominic to ‘fight with the dough’ thus saving my knuckles for a few minutes.

The boys LOVED the ricotta and pesto one, really loved it. And while the grownups enjoyed the beetroot one just enough, I think I’d save my beets for a crazy pink risotto instead.

We have remade this pizza since – sticking to the ricotta & pesto version – which is a testament to how popular it was.  You really can knock together the dough in no time, and you can freeze it too, if you need too.   I waited this long to make my own dough. Don’t be an eejit like me.


2 thoughts on “Silly Fancy Bottom Pizza.

  1. Ooh these look interesting! I make pizza most weeks, just for DH and I little woman is not a fan. Making the dough is very therapeutic! I do go for tomatoes and mozzarella etc cos I love it but these have me thinking in other ways 🙂


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