The Collective Suckies – Fancy Yogurty Goodness

Just yesterday I set off to work in a black dress and black tights.  As the day progressed, the previously unnoticed blue gel toothpaste splodges dried to a paler and paler colour, until mid afternoon when my lower half colour scheme was more Friesan Cow than black is the new black.  Point being, my kids are messy feckers.


They spill stuff.  If I give them corn snacks, the powdery bits get everywhere. Rice cakes crumble out of their fists – they don’t stain, but the almond butter smeared on them sure does.  They eat mandarins, kiwis and plums and wipe their juicy paws all over their own clothes and my legs if I walk by at the right time. All okay at home, but what if you’re all dolled up for a wedding and you don’t fancy getting sticky handprints or kiddie snacks all over your finest regalia?

That’s where The Collective Suckies come in.  It’s a slightly odd name, but is a completely cool and very tidy yogurt pouch.  I kept them in the freezer and then took them out and about with us.  They stayed nice and cold for hours, and the kids were delighted with them. I think they thought they had ice-cream. Not a drop was spilled, even on their fancy clothes, so the pouch shape works really well too.

Determined yogurt consumption post-ceremony

Every time we take a day trip, I pack a bag of snacks to prevent bankrupting myself in a cafe or at an overpriced vending machine.  Not to mention if you don’t bring your own, it can very hard to find healthy options that appeal to kids when you’re on the go. (Dublin Zoo, I’m looking at you.)

Jaded by exotic animals, but always keen on yogurt.

The boys really loved the three flavours they tried.  I kept getting asked for the cow yogurts after our stash ran out so I got a few more to  keep in the freezer. Price-wise they beat sitting down in a cafe and buying an overpriced processed 200ml juice box or fruit shoot.  However, at over a €1 a pop in the supermarket they’re just too high a price point to be a lunch box regular for most families.

Fueling up after a gruelling swim session

Suckies Fruit & Yogurt Pouches come in 4 flavours and contain

  • NO colours, NO artificial flavourings, NO artificial preservatives, NO GM ingredients
  • Only contains sugars from fruit
  • Made with whole milk goodness
  • Gluten free & Vegetarian
Check out the collective dairy at


I received Suckies compliments of The Collective Dairy for review purposes. All opinions are my own.  And the kids I guess.


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