Monster Guts Slime from Dr. Dombie, the Science Zombie


I’m a bit of a lazy parent when it comes down to it: I love a good costume, but can’t muster much enthusiasm to make anything too elaborate. At the same time, I’d rather not go straight down the shop-bought route. I decide what’s doable from my perspective and this year, I steered Dominic in the direction of ‘Mad Scientist’. Continue reading

Two Sons: An Affection Insurance Policy

I was nervous I’ll admit. He’s been peppering his conversation with declarations of “luv woo mammeeee” accompanied by slobbery kisses for a couple of months now. Sometimes he’ll lick my face too, if he’s got more love (read: drool) to give. After he sidled up to me at lunchtime while I flicked though the weekend paper and called me pretty girl, I knew the time was right to pop the question.


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The Silver Linings Outlook

Practically off to college.

Good thing:

If you’re looking for a squishy wailing crawling human, this isn’t the place to look. We’re all out of babies in our house.  Sing hosannahs!  The bottle is gone!  He held onto it quite a bit longer than his big brother (Seriously, could you refuse that face?) Anyway, we’ve convinced the toddler he doesn’t need a bottle at night because he’s a big boy now.

I did this by saying “you’re a big boy now, aren’t you Teddy?” to which he said “yep”. Clever eh?

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Netflix. A family obsessed.


We are mad for Netflix here. Requests are shouted for particular shows and hey presto, they appear! The line has firmly blurred between what’s actually on TV now, in the moment, and what we can just summon up between our Sky and Netflix subscriptions. Though I’m not sure such a line ever even existed for my digital native offspring. Only two channnels in my day, sure they don’t know they’re born, mutter mutter grumble etc.

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