The Silver Linings Outlook

Practically off to college.

Good thing:

If you’re looking for a squishy wailing crawling human, this isn’t the place to look. We’re all out of babies in our house.  Sing hosannahs!  The bottle is gone!  He held onto it quite a bit longer than his big brother (Seriously, could you refuse that face?) Anyway, we’ve convinced the toddler he doesn’t need a bottle at night because he’s a big boy now.

I did this by saying “you’re a big boy now, aren’t you Teddy?” to which he said “yep”. Clever eh?

Bad thing:

The veracity of The Big Boy Theory is as yet untested as he slept through the last couple of nights. In fact it has only come about because we left the last remaining bottle in my sister’s house after we stayed there last weekend. I could be driving 3 postcodes away to retrieve it if he wakes tonight. Actually, I can’t drive right now…

Dennis The Menace and Me: Former Knee Twins
Dennis The Menace & Me: Former Knee Twins

Good thing:

My dodgy knee might be fixed. Having spent a year with a Beano-like knobbly knee and after two failed attempts at fixing it with a local anaesthetic I finally went under the knife on monday.

Bad thing:

I’m fairly immobile. Like, a week in bed immobile. No driving, or more importantly for our commutes, cycling. Try explaining that to the two year old who likes to climb all over me and carries either a hurl or a ukulele with him at all times at exactly sore stitched-up knee height.


Good thing:

Gentle kisses to the knee cap given by the understanding four year old. Even if it’s the wrong knee half the time.  The sentiment is right at least.

Bad thing:

His disappointment that my lower leg wasn’t “cutted off” and sewn back on.

Good thing:

Speaking of gory surgery, we started watching ‘The Knick’ last night. It’s very bloody good and I’m glad I didn’t watch it the night before my operation. Coincidentally, the four year old would be really into surgical techniques in 1900. It stars Clive Owen and Andre 3000 Holland

Bad thing:

The opening scene depicts an early Caesarian section, which is rather harrowing. If you can get through it (I used a cushion) the show is really promising.

Still in the packet, a week later.

Good thing:

I bought circular knitting needles in advance of being bed bound this week, in the hope of making mittens like these. Related good thing: Tiger.

Bad thing:

Have I a clue how to use them? I do not. I’ll probably watch a load of instructional videos, finally work out how to cast on a row (again) and it’ll be time to go back to work.


Good thing:

We have a shiny 142 reg car sitting outside in our driveway, to replace the generously donated in-laws second car which we needed to give back to them.

Bad thing:

Besides the fact the ‘new’ car is about a foot too short for my husband to drive comfortably and I can’t drive it at all?  Our distinctly unshiny 2007 car has spent close to a month in the garage with mechanics scratching their heads over it, their German overlords unable to diagnose the problem either.

Maybe I should send it to my surgeon instead of the dealership…

Dennis photo credit: Wills Duffy via photopin cc</a



6 thoughts on “The Silver Linings Outlook

  1. Oh no, get well soon, what a pain! BUT, I love “sing hosannas”!!! People are always trying to convince me I really must miss having a baby and, from now on, instead of going on and on trying to convince them that I am on cloud nine to have both children out of babyhood, I’m just going to trill ” sing hosanna” at them!! No thanks though for your reference to the olden days c-section followed by the picture of your circular knitting needles that, at first glance, I thought were some old-fashioned medical implement and that you were going to go into c-section detail, I feel faint!


    1. Oh Joanna I’d say those needles would have been mild in the context – eek!

      Now if we can just get over the final baby hurdle, nappies, I’ll truly be singing from the rooftops.


  2. Oh get better soon…. I, like Joanna, did momentarily think the needles were related to the C section bit!

    Great post, love the silver lining approach


  3. You could always have written….
    Bad thing, I had to stay in bed for a week.
    Good thing, I got to stay in bed for a week!
    Hope all is well with the knee soon. Really enjoyed your post.


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