Monster Guts Slime from Dr. Dombie, the Science Zombie


I’m a bit of a lazy parent when it comes down to it: I love a good costume, but can’t muster much enthusiasm to make anything too elaborate. At the same time, I’d rather not go straight down the shop-bought route. I decide what’s doable from my perspective and this year, I steered Dominic in the direction of ‘Mad Scientist’.

Note: Not in costume. We’re saving ourselves for the big day.

Kids lab coat, safety goggles, crazy hair and a bit of smudgy face paint.  There you go, the four item Halloween costume.

It’s wasn’t a hard sell – he’s a very curious four year old.  Well, they all are aren’t they?  Today was bookended by the questions “what’s in flour?” and “what are our walls made out of?” with about 347 other ones in between. I was going to answer “bricks and bold boys” to the latter, then thought better of it.  I’d only be the one getting out of bed tending to night terrors later…

We’ve found the Science Wows blog a great source of entertainment and experiments in the past year. Naomi of Science Wows has some great very simple experiments you can do with your kids, and what better time than coming up to Halloween to make Glowing Monster Slime?  After all, it’s what every Mad Scientist needs.

I did this while the two year old whirling dervish was out of the house.  All the instructions are in the link above.




Over a few hours, the slime settled in the jar to quite a rubbery texture.  We’ve had great fun sticking our fingers in and watching it bounce back again – it’s a yucky but strangely satisfying texture.

Because we were doing this as part of his costume, we decorated the jar with the words ‘Monster Guts’.  These sticky glittery letters came with a cheapo birthday card you can personalise that I got in a Eurogiant shop.  They’ve proved very handy. Then we labelled the jar with his very own branding:  Dr. Dombie: The Science Zombie.  Now!  We’re ready to Trick or Treat!

I’ve submitted this post as part of a Halloween Craft Linky over on the Where Is My Mind blog, but if you ask me, slime is fun all year round!  Do pop over there for more spooky inspiration. 


4 thoughts on “Monster Guts Slime from Dr. Dombie, the Science Zombie

  1. You just made my day 🙂 I am thrilled to see that you made the slime and think that is very cool and clever packaging. Can’t wait to see the full costume 🙂


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