Book Review: Oisín The Brave – Moon Adventure


Galway couple Michelle Melville and Derek Mulveen co-wrote and illustrated Oisín The Brave – Moon Adventure. It’s a magical adventure based in Irish mythology, fantasy and outer space; quite the wide breadth of ideas for one book but when has suspension of disbelief ever been a  problem for young children?  It does jump from one scenario to another rather rapidly, but the boys didn’t mind.


As a parent I really enjoyed the  gentle introduction to Irish words.  It embeds them in the toddlers mind, and sparked the Junior Infant’s interest as he’s recently started to learn the language.  We had fun teasing out why the five Moononians were named ‘Aon‘ through ‘Cúig‘ and in fact, he was as into the vocabulary pages at the back of the book as he was in the story. The story is simple and silly: a winning combination for a kids book.   There were some lovely touches from an Irish perspective – the cúpla focal thrown in the mix, use of an Irishism like “you’re only playing with me”, traditional Irish character names, an Irish flag on the moon, and the view of Ireland as the centre of the world on the Earth as seen from the moon. That tickled the four year old no end!

I will admit, this book has grown on me over repeated readings and the two year old has requested it several times in the past couple of weeks. I would have liked to have seen each of the elements expanded on a little more – like more about the ‘Dolmen of Time’ and an earlier introduction to the Princess Eire character. Hopefully we’ll see more of them in the next book, Oisín The Brave – Robot Island, which is out now.


Oisin the Brave – Moon Adventure is €6.99 and available from book stores nationwide as well as direct from Eire’s Kids.

You can also check out Eire’s Kids Facebook page HERE.

I received a copy of Oisín The Brave – Moon Adventure for review purposes.  All opinions are my own. 


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