Day Ten to Twenty: What’s Elf been up to?


Beside been flung around the place and generally disrespected as a messenger of Santa’s?  Well he’s doing very nicely actually, he’s mostly better behaved than the boys that live here, so I’d be tempted to make him a year round house member.

IMG_5158Today Dominic spent most of the morning telling me how good he was being, asking me “amn’t I being very good?” and shockingly, actually being very good.  Having had delicious hot chocolates in their Uncle & Auntie’s house yesterday, I offered this morning to take them to a cafe for some hot chocolate. It’s been a damp and blustery day, and the thought of sitting down in a cafe was appealing to me more than a playground. So off we set on the promise of hot chocolate. The morning started off well, as I swung into the car park directly into a parent and child space. Win! When we settled in the cafe they choose juice and a smoothie instead, so there was no burning/spillages from mugs to deal with.

IMG_5270Just as my coffee arrived, Dominic spied the toilet and decided he needed to go.  He loves to explore a bathroom area so he does. I relaxed for approximately 16 seconds with my medium-hot coffee after that diversion before the boys were finished their drinks.

And then it was time for the supermarket, always a joy, with a buggy and a basket and a very nearly five year old.

Dominic was very good.  He didn’t mither his brother, or ask me to carry him.
He didn’t run away in the supermarket, or beg for stuff that wasn’t on the list.  IMG_5293He did roar “BAGELS” in the bread aisle loudly and repeatedly but that was em, charming!  He suggested that he’d have soup for lunch instead of a boiled egg and generally was a little angel. Two women told him so too, and for once they were right.  So off we went home, where he duly ate loads of soup, then released his inner demon.

IMG_5369-0The afternoon was slightly more trying and all of us have bumps and bruises to show for it (mine are emotional).  Suffice to say, the elf isn’t used as a threat in our house, just a little bit of Christmas fun.







Just for more special appearances for Mr Old Elf before he’s whisked off back to the North Pole.  I wonder what he’ll get up to?


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