Are you sick of super foods yet?

What? Cacao and avocado do not a mousse make? You don’t care that you’re supposed to be doing post-Christmas food penance (it’s january still?), cauliflower rice is not a ‘thing’? You glide past bags of dark irontastic kale thinking of the washing those curly little buggers must need even if they’re only 39c this week?

Ah, but be intimidated no more! I have the kale use for you!


Pesto. What parent doesn’t fall back on copious pesto use? Lots of us even try our hand at making it, but more often than not I just grab it from the fridge in the supermarket. (Note: Don’t buy the Dunnes one, it’s completely gross)



Walnuts. 1 quarter cup, toasted for a few minutes on a dry pan.

Personally, pine nuts fall into the too-edpensive-per-tiny-bag-that-gets-used-up-in-one-sitting category here. I don’t mind a pricey product if I can go back again and again to it. But this recipe uses walnuts. Hurrah!

Kale. About 100g. Trim it off the rib if necessary. Blanch for 1 minute in boiling salted water then rinse with cold water and dry off in a tea towel.

Kale is a hardy fecker, and will sit in your fridge for days and days giving you the side eye til you use it whereas basil plants die as soon as I look at them. I spend fifteen minutes grumbling at the sink easing dirt off it with kitchen scissors at the ready in order to make kale chips. but I have now embraced the pre washed and shredded version for other dishes. Thank you Aldi. (It gets an extra wash in the blanching and rinsing anyway.)

Parmesan. 1 quarter cup, you can grate it, but I just chuck it in to the food processor in chunks and let it do the job for me.

I know parmesan isn’t technically vegetarian. In fact it can’t be because it’s one of those products that in order to be called Parmigiano Reggiano it has to use animal rennet.  But I use the term knowing you can substitute parmesan-style hard cheese that is actually V-friendly.

Garlic. 1 clove

Lemon juice.  A good squeeze.  

That’s from the Jamie Oliver handbook of cooking measurements.

Add all the above to a food processor with a aul grind of some pepper.  I use the small jar attachment of my 600w stick blender and that’s plenty big (the kale will reduce in size in the cooking).

Give it a good whizz

Rapeseed oil. 1 half cup.

Add this in a bit by bit and continue to blend a little.  You could use olive oil, but I really like the taste of Donegal’s finest oil product. (I don’t know how many oil products they have)


I couldn’t wait for dinner and ate it on some brown bread for lunch.

Bonus tip!  Pesto freezes well.

I made double this quantity and froze half in two containers – one of those should be easily enough for a meal.

Enjoy! You will, I swear.


11 thoughts on “Are you sick of super foods yet?

    1. Walnuts are particularly great because I always have them for baking – cashews I love but I’m likely to horse into them as a snack and then they’re all gone when I want them for a recipe!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ooh, this sounds like a simple solution for the Kale in the fridge; apparently last week I told myself I was going to add it to everything for its superfood goodness. It’s now staring at me, judging, every time I even look its direction. Pesto sounds like a good fit though! .


    1. I’m happy to use it but then my hubbie kept buying it but not using it himself, so I felt OBLIGED. And I don’t like feeling obligated to eat anything!


  2. When I was pregnant the last time, before I realised I was pregnant, I made myself kale pesto, which was gorgeous until one day I was VIOLENTLY sick (preggers sick) Haven’t been able to eat it since. But!! On your recommendation, I shall do that this week. Between that and those healthy Twix bars, I’ll be as healthy as a trout 🙂


    1. Aw nothing worse than being out off something you like by association.

      Are trouts healthy then? How do they hold the twix with their flippers 😉


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