The Wind Is Howling. Eat Up.


Horizontal sleet means two things in my book. Light the fire and have comfort food. Lilly Higgins has a great ‘Give Me Five’ series in the Irish Times – recipes with just five ingredients – and because I love her attitude to food I always look it up.

It’s usually not veggie but last weeks was, and coincidentally, I had put it on the meal planner for today.  I mean, I’d only filled in Monday and Wednesday so that’s not really much of a plan, but look, it’s a start.

I’ve made Gratin Dauphinois a bunch of times.  But impatience and starting dinner too late has led to some sneaky not-quite-cooked potato slices, and lets face it, al dente potato is no-one’s friend.

In this recipe you start the spuds off simmering in the butter and cream mixture which really helps the whole thing cook through quicker.  Yes. I said butter and cream. What of it?  Well, technically I used 250ml regular cream, and 150ml low-fat milk, and I can’t say it wasn’t still totally luxurious because it was.

It was totally worth yoiking the big food processor out of the cupboard for this dish. I amended the potato quantity as this was our dinner and not a side so I needed some veggies in there. I used the same slicing blade for all the veg, then turned it over to grate the cheese for the top (it’s a very versatile blade). I used delicious Manchego.

Instead of 1kg of potatoes I used 650g, and then finely sliced a medium onion and a medium trimmed fennel bulb. These went in raw into the oven dish with the buttery (mmm) creamy (double mmm) spuds (*smack lips*).

Lilly Higgin’s full recipe is here.


The kids both ate it, served with some slightly steamed green trees (broccoli) on the side. Dominic, scarred from bad gratin’s of yesteryear proclaimed he didn’t like it on sight, then about half way through said through mouthfuls “How many more spoons do I have to have?  Two? Five? Seven?” Either he’s a rubbish negotiator or he thought he was fooling us.

Teddy has been off form and barely eaten past breakfast the past few days so we were delighted to see him tuck into a small portion.

My husband had seconds.  Then thirds.

Do your worst sleet! You can’t beat us.



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