Green Shoots and Bad Attitudes.

Green Shoots by Proper Fud

I arrived home from a day in work and an evening in college and decided to water the few vegetables I planted this spring. Like my children, they seem to have done fine without me to constantly tend them; they have sprung up and are doing mighty well for themselves. Am left feeling like a green thumbed overachiever after a day like that.

It didn’t start off so well though. I went to do a days freelance work and was left puzzled by an encounter with a senior member of staff. It was an off the cuff conversation, but it brought home to me how little some people value certain things. The person has form; in the past I’ve found them to have a vaguely dismissive attitude towards women of a certain age, and their ability to have a career and young children. A definite fan of the mommy track.

They asked me how was retirement going, and didn’t I have a nice tan from the last few days. First of all, that’s the wrong R word and secondly, when I wasn’t bringing up my two children during the current batch of sunny days, I was locked inside studying. I said as much, and then they asked did it feel weird to be going backwards? Now, it is the guts of fifteen years since I was in college so maybe they meant back in time, but as far as I’m aware further education and personal development always count as going forwards.

So if you want to know how this particular Stay At Home Part-time Student Mother Freelancer Farmer is getting on, just ask me straight out.

I’m doing great. Life is showing definite signs of green shoots.

8 thoughts on “Green Shoots and Bad Attitudes.

    1. It was water off a duck’s back. Am like a zen master these days as long as I’m not dealing with the kids. (I should probably try and reverse that equation)


  1. You wrote very nicely about something horrible Jill. I’m so sick of this attitude, and sick of encountering it. I’ve started pointing out that my days I’m not in work aren’t spent relaxing, I’m minding my kids, and that 4 days a week means 80% salary (I am constantly amazed that people are shocked when I point this out) FECK OFF ALL OF YE. You are great Jill. Green shoots indeed. It reminds me of a song I heard lately, you might know it.. “UNBREAKABLE….”


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