My Marriage

Even the weather agrees
Even the weather agrees

My marriage will be turning nine years old in just twelve days.

In those years it’s faced some challenges; the act of parenting brings with it very high highs and very low lows. Sleepless nights, sick kids, childcare costs, differing methods of disciplining: they all contribute to frayed nerves for the adults of the house. Then there’s the other stuff; job loss, emergency car fixing, negative equity. There’s been arguments over breakfast, over dinner and late into the night. We’re not perfect. Our five year old has asked us to stop shouting.  I don’t think they’re scarred though; they see plenty of love and cooperation from us too, and we all muddle along okay.

Do you know what hasn’t affected our marriage though?

Other people’s marriages. Other people’s divorces.

Do you know who deserves the chance to have a messy marriage like ours?


I want my younger son to never remember a time when some citizens of this country were told that their love wasn’t equal to others. I’ve spoken to my older son about what’s coming up this friday and how important it is. How mum and dad get to make a positive difference in the lives of other people. How it sends a message to young people that it doesn’t matter if a boy loves a boy, a boy loves a girl or a girl loves a girl. Everyone is equal no matter who they “love in a kissy way”. Although he agrees, he’s standing pretty firm in his assertion that he’ll be marrying me.

However the two of them grow up and whoever they turn out to be, I want them to be happy and to live in a society that won’t tell them that anyone has different civil rights to anyone else. Everyone deserves to have their love recognised officially if they so choose. Vote Yes.


5 thoughts on “My Marriage

  1. Hear hear Jill! I can’t listen to the one dimensional ‘No’ people anymore – i had to turn off the latest debate last night, why would they discriminate against another person? Baffles me.

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  3. The prefect counter to all those plonkers who talk like this decision costs them anything or even has any real bearing on their lives after their vote is cast. A great post.


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