I’m taking over

I know that mama and dada are always talking about those pancakes they make for me and for them too.  They make them every day that they don’t go to work except for one of the days when we might have porridge or weeties bix. The other day that they don’t go we have pancakes.

Sure I know how to make them now. I’m 20 months this week which mama says makes me a big boy but I’m her big boy and her little baby too which is confused. I climbed on my stool in the kitchen that the box lives on. The box that goes outside in the big green wheely box that the monster in the truck eats.

First I mushed the nana. I ate some nana too.  Mama thought I didn’t like it but I ate this bit.  I eat things now that I didn’t eat before like cheeseonitsown. I only liked it in dinner before.

Mama put the flower in.  It didn’t look like flower usually in my books n all flower is colouredy like the butterfly. Then she put in the eggs which looks like fun so I will do that next time and the yogy milk.  I gave it all a big mix and got some on my digger and my green nappy when I was trying to take the mix out to taste the pancake because it didn’t look like pancake to me.

I let mama put it on the sizzly pan aswell.  She made it hard because she held one of my handies and one spoon of pancake and kept shouting hot hot! hot! when I tried to let go of her handy.  But because she is big and lets me help her make pancakes now I will do what she says.

Everyone should have these for breakfast when they don’t go to work because they are num yummy.


Mixing it up with Eggy Bread

Owing to a lovely gang of visitors yesterday, we’ve much food leftovers to get through. So we started with breakfast.  I’d bought lots of lovely bread in Lidl to go with all our salady bits, and so before I froze it the remainder for toast, I kept back a few slices for eggy bread.  It’s actually kinda brownish so I think it might be sourdough even though it said Country White on the basket label.

The recipe I was working off was for french toast but used great big slabs of bread, and a tablespoon of sugar.  I guess you could call what I made french toast but I think that might be giving it notions above its station – this, was eggy bread.  I had 4 not particularly thick slices set aside. In fact they were cut in the slice-a-nator machine in store, which has no less than 3 thickness settings so I happen to know these were 14mm slices!  Shame on you if you cannot recreate this perfection at home with your breadknife.

Mix 2 eggs, 100mls of milk, and 1 scant tsp of caster sugar.  Soak bread on both sides.  Fry up in a little butter on a non-stick pan.

Serve baby’s with natural yogurt, banana & finely chopped walnuts. Serve own the same, subbing maple syrup for yogurt.  Sneaky.

Sit back and gape in wonder at how much bread one small boy can fit in his mouth.

we have an idea

Hello all!  I’ve been very busy with my friends in the creche.  I’ve turned into a little savage I love my brekkie and now I love my lunch too.  It’s because I’m so busy playing and crawling and now I like having a good stand up too.  It takes a lot of energy so I need a lot of food.  My bockles are getting smaller and I’m eating more proper food.

my berry nice beard

Daddy was making my breakfast last sunday, and I was shouting at him to hurry up.  He was making pancakes, which means its the weekend which is when it isn’t a creche day.  I had already eaten all the plain yogurt already.  He went off running up to mama which is what he does when he doesn’t know what to do and then he came back and everything was okay. We had blueberry yogurt in our pancakes instead and they were still yum.  So now we know.  I had lots of berries with them too and my handies and face were funny colours then.

– Dominic

3 meals on we’re back on track

leave me alone so i can eat my pancake

My mama is always running around now.  I shout after her a lot because I can’t crawl properly yet, never mind run. Everything was the same for ages, then we went on our holidays then I started going to that creche place. Then I stayed in Oma & Opa’s house when mama & dada went to their friends wedding and then we’ve been home again the last few nights. I’m meeting so many new people, the nice ladies that mind me but aren’t my mama, and the other babies that I play with in the creche. I wonder where I’m going tomorrow?

Mama says “Dom! Give me your handie! Handie!” lots.  Sometimes I give her my handie for the spoon of food and sometimes I don’t.  The ladies in the creche don’t have time for how long it takes me to eat so they just put the food in my mouth.  I’m very tired in the evening so it’s easier to just open my mouth and let mama or dada put the food in.

Then this weekend I’d more energy.  Not my usual amount of energy though – I have a cough & I’m not sleeping too well because of that.  Today me and mama and dada made a super special effort and I had 3 meals to eat only with my handies.

For breakfast we had dada’s Swedish friend Erik’s American wife Amy’s pancakes.  They have a little girl I want to meet but we have to wait til mama’s work let her take enough days off for us all to go to Sweden where they live. I don’t know where that is, but I hope they have duckies there.  I’ve had pancakes before, but I think I like these better because of the yogurt and banana in it. We ate them with greek yogurt & grapes.  Mama and dada had maple syrup too but said I couldn’t have any.  Don’t mind they were sweet and fluffy, and I like that.

Amy’s Best Pancakes (feeds Erik, Amy, Siggy & now Mark, Jill & Dominic )
(adapted from Gourmet)
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 large egg, slightly beaten
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1 ripe banana, mashed with a fork (you can leave out the banana and the ‘cakes are still good but the banana adds fluff and the perfect level of sweetness)

Whisk together all ingredients and drop by 1/4 cupfull into med-hot frying pan, greased with vegetable oil. Flip when cakes begin to bubble. Flip again after 30 seconds or so, but don’t flatten with spatula. Keep in a warm oven until all batter is used up. I usually end up with around 12 (give or take a cake) 3-inch pancakes.

For lunch, I had cheese and chicken and cherry tomato.  I had my chicken on brown bread with butter and I nommed it up.  Dada decided it was time for me to have meat again.  Mama doesn’t mind so much because now dada has to take charge of cooking for me for a couple of days to use up the whole chicky in the fridge.

Then for my dinner Dada made a very speedy chicken & couscous recipe from the Annabel Karmel book. He put in some lovely creme fraiche to make it stickier for me to pick up.  I got it in my mouth and everywhere else.  Mama says she’s not sure why she bothered washing the floor and my chair this morning at all at all.

– Dom

hotel living FTW

At home when I have breakfast it’s like this:

dada – oatibix & natural yogurt or scrambled egg on toast

mama – porridge, with berries if we have them. some of mama’s toast.

On holidays its like this: porridge, weetabix, some toast, watermelon, egg, apple, apricot.  I especially liked apricot. it was yummo. Mama robbed some more for me to eat later.  I saw her take pastries too, and then dada took some of them, but I never got any.  Dunno how that happened.

Mama was happy too, the nice lady who brought the tea and toast washed my bowl and brought it back clean and shiny to use again.

I also loved it because apart from all the swimming pool there was a swing and I could see the sea while I was on it which I haven’t seen before.   Mammó’s house is near the sea though so I’m going to go there lots when I’m bigger.

I’m going on more holidays next week, with mama and mammó, but dada’s staying at home so he will be on his own holiday from me.  I think he’ll miss me though because I wake him up every morning at about 4 so we can spend some time together because mama has me all day and I like to see dada on my own too.

– Dom

my favourite breakfast

it used to go on the floor,

sure it used to go everywhere,

but now i can aim toward my mouth 

the furthest it gets is my hair.


my favorite brekkie is porridge

my mama makes it for me,

i wasn’t very sure at the start

but with berries it’s luvverly.

-a pome by dom