We love a bit of soup in this house.  I may have mentioned it a time or 7 It’s ridiculously easy to make and yet it only crossed my mind to attempt making it in the last 3 or 4 years.  I can’t even buy homemade type soups in the supermarket anymore I’ve ruined it for myself with such lovely soupiness.  Now, there’s a bit of boasting for you.

This broccoli one is super easy.  Or should that be souper easy.  Groan.  Usually soup is a bit of an empty out the fridge affair for me, but I kept this one simple.

  • Fry up an onion & some garlic.
  • Add 2 heads of broccoli chopped up small. Include stems except the really thick one & 1.5 litres of stock.  As ever, I used Marigold – mostly low salt, sometimes not.
  • Season.
  • Simmer for 20 mins.
  • Serve with a blob of creme fraiche & some crushed chilli flakes.  (I think I would add a red chilli into this recipe at the start if it wasn’t for a toddler too).

Enjoy while listening to the shoutiest boy I know screech blooooooopppp before every spoonful.

Then be smug because you have enough for lunch in work the next day too.


Le sigh. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

My daddy makes me the best dinners.  He got me from the creche last night when mamma was still in work and we went home and played for a while we did trains and jumping.  Then he went to the kitchen to make dinner and one Handy Manny later it was ready.  We had sausages and then  out of the white beeping  box we had potatoes, carrots & broccoli.  I nommed it up.  Sausages are new to me, mamma won’t eat them with me and dadda but sometimes she has special ones from the brrrfreezer and dadda and me eat them too.

Today my mammy chopped up 2 big oberjeans and put them in the dangeroushotoven. Mostly I like to see what she’s doing but it was taking her ages today and I didn’t bother. There were tomatoes and pasta too and cheese on top and it took so much time that I had a bath and everything.  Then we all had dinner together. Doma had dinner and dadda had dinner and mamma had dinner but only mamma loved dinner.  I don’t think dadda likes oberjeans very much and I said my tooth hurt and it was better when I had milk then my other tooth hurt and I drank more milk and it was better so I stopped eating dinner and had a yogurt and mamma said she thought i mean my tung hurt and she shouldn’t have put chilli in the dinner.


nom nom nom pasta

This week I have been mostly eating pasta with my dinners.  Me and mama and dada and oma and opa are going on a plane to italy soon so mama says i’m in training.  i don’t know where italy is maybe its near mammó’s house or maybe auntie lisa or emma’s houses?  i’ll see when i get there.

Mama said already about my lentil lasagne.  Yesterday dada made penne with peppers & onions & pesto & creme fraiche (I had to ask mama to spell that bit for me) and I nommed it all up.  Then today we met Fiona & Rachel at lunchtime after me & mama’s bootcamp (it was windy i had my wintery hat on) and I ate more of that again and some broccoli.  I touched the waitress on her bottom while she asked some men what they wanted for their lunch.  Mama and the girls had a good laugh but told me that I couldn’t always get away with that.  I don’t think the waitress minded, I might do it again.

This evening then mama made spaghetti bolognaise.  Some women called Linda McCartney left her mince in the freezer and mama used it, I hope she doesn’t come looking for it.  Dada thought I needed a spoon.  No way.  Sure what else are my handies for?

– Dom

coming attractions include:

I was playing with my toys on the table but then mama moved the differently colouredy shapes & put these new toys in front of me instead.  I put them in my mouth like I do with everything but it wasn’t as easy as envelopes or leaves, and I took them out again just like i do with my other toys too.  You can see my green square in the bottom of the picture.  Its the same colour as the new stuff.

Once I got them all where they belong onto the floor, she gave me another thing.  I liked it a lot, and with my one tooth and my gums I got some of it to stay in my mouth for a while.  Then when I was done with it,  I didn’t put it on the floor, mama finished it.