In which a cake nearly breaks my heart but turns out well in the end.

how this…

The elder child went and turned 4. Despite my protests that I’m only about 20 I appear to have 2 cats and 2 sons and am Quite Grown Up really. So it was about time we bit the bullet and hosted a party for him and his buddies from Montessori. For birthdays so far we’ve stuck with family affairs except for his 3rd where I was so busy feeding a small baby I was never going to entertain anyone at home. The young lad had a little party in playschool surrounded by friends and everyone was happy. Honestly I think parties could be banned til age 5 at least and kids wouldn’t really notice.

…became this.  This is Bucky.
(image courtesy of

The other small boy is a different affair because he has a July birthday so we got to go to the park for his 1st birthday and invite absolutely everyone we wanted with kids to come along because we didn’t have to squish them in our tiny house or clean up afterwards.

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Starting the year the sugar filled way

I’m destined to always start the New Year on the wrong foot.   Nearly 4 years ago Bump wasn’t playing ball, and didn’t appear til January 8th, so we are bound to a life of always needing copious amounts of cake when all around are dieting.

Picking fancy cake for a growing boy
picking a fancy cake for a growing boy

Plans are afoot.  Books are being flicked through.  The boy is having his first ever not-just-cousins (much as we love cousins!) party and some of his little mates from Montessori are coming.   He is involved in the choosing of friends and of cakes.  He has sophisticated tastes and landed upon a Strawberry & Marscapone number from the Like Mam Used to Bake cookbook.  I’ve decided that I want to enjoy that one in a languid fashion and not with 10 grabby little hands nearby.  So I’ve settled on a pirate ship cake, inspired by Bumbles of Rice and I’ve ordered some Jake & the Neverland Pirates partyware.  (Cunning plan to reuse some of it for someone else’s 2nd birthday…)
Besides that there’ll have to be something not too bad for them – I’m thinking popcorn, fruit salad and cheese straws. Kids are mad for breadsticks so these cheesey ones won’t go astray. I also have a bean dip recipe that if ignored by children should keep me and husband’s energy levels up.

Then of course, there’s his actual birthday which is midweek and cannot go unmarked in ‘school’.  His teachers are wise to my baking, and will be expecting something to appear I’m sure. I’m going with tried and tested Rice Krispie Marsbies which appeared in tray bake form last year as his actual cake.

I’ve made the list, and have disgusted myself by the requirement for a kilo of butter for all these endeavours. Healthy eating starts the day after the party!

The reason I tell you this is for a twofold motivational reason:  If I tell the internet I’m doing something, then I’d better follow through.  So here you have it: I’m recreating Bucky in chocolate cake, and if I eat a mountain of baked goods I’ll be fine because I’ve also signed up to do a half marathon in a couple of months.

Wish me luck & check in again to see the results!

Noodley doodley

noodley doodley

Mammy’s always saying she loves asian food.  I don’t know what that is but I love when she does noodles and rice and currys n all.  Sometimes we have it at home and sometimes we have it when we go out to playgrounds and shops. It was my auntie Rachel’s happy birthday and we all went to Musashi which is a place that has lots of noodle and rice. Uncle Phil’s family were there too, so there was a little girl at the table and me too and we were the bosses.

There was a big happy birthday cake and I helped Rachel blow all the candles out and everyone played with my dinosaur that danced around the table and he lives in mammy’s handbag. But before all that I had a bitta dinner.  Mammy thought I wouldn’t eat it because I love my snacks and had lots of them and then the food arrived and it was a big big plate.  The lady with the food gave me a fork when daddy asked her to but I shouted No! Chopsticks! because that’s what you use for eating noodles and for drumming. You use fingers and other people to help eat noodles too.

bitta help

I ate my noodles and chicken and veggies all up and it was noodley doodley which is what you say in our house when you love your noodles.

Think I might let mammy and dada bring me there again because it was so yum and they said it was less than €5 which I think is a lie because I didn’t give them any of my moneys that I play with at all.  They’re all my millions for me.


i am two!


I am 2 now and my mammy said I could have some treats on my birthday. Last year I had lovely things that were treats too, but they didn’t have as many colours.

We had popcorn which my cousin Ella likes best better than crisps, and jelly snakes in a bowl. When I had my first jelly snake before my birthday I played with it for aaaaages and did “ssssss” n all. Then I taste it and it was yum so now I know to not do “sssss”ing and just eat them.

In contemplation of cake

I love Handy Manny and Yo Gabba Gabba and especially singing songs with mammy and daddy. I like the song about Incy Wincy spider and Electric Cars  and not going to work  and living on the moon but nearly most of all I love Elmo songs and I listen to them in the car or look at them on mammy or daddy’s phone.

Mammy made me Elmocake for my birthday they were yum and red like elmo and I could eat his eyes and his nose and his mouth and his red fur and it made my face red and it made me run around for ages with my cousins.

There were cookies too that my Oma and Opa who can’t eat many treats can eat but they still tasted yum.

She made cake that was chocolate and biscuity too and it was so nice that she’s going to make it for my Uncle Jamie’s birthday and he’s not 2 because he’s tall like daddy. He is having his birthday party on saturday when I don’t go to creche so I hope there are treats there for me too.


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He knows what he wants.


mwahahahaha! I am the boss

It’s time to hide the chocolate.  We have officially hit the stage of wheedling, screeching, begging, reaching.  And no, not just from me.  He’ll ignore his own plate for whatever he wants off yours.

Case 1: Treats. Oh, cake is it mama?  A biscuit you’re having dada?  And what have I? rice cake yeah? And you think that’s acceptable?

So I’m now ordering dessert in Dom’s presence based on what he can have some of. Which is currently limited to carrot cake. Because, y’know, it’s got carrot in it, so it can’t be so bad.  Luckily we had the nicest carrot cake ever in Melvins in Malmo.  So good we had it twice, given we won’t get to have it too often.

Case 2: Tofu Broccoli & baby sweetcorn – both things he loves, ignored. Fun slippy noodles – ignored. Terijaki tofu – he swallowed his (adult portion) in seconds, then stood up as much as he could in his chair to lean across to Mark’s bowl where there was several pieces visible to him.  So we ended up eating his veg and giving him at least half of our tofu, in Mark’s case, probably more.

Anyone any tips for food related toddler tantrums?  Cook more tofu I guess.