A Week In Dinners: What We Ate Round Ours.


As part of a look at what ‘real’ families eat, Sinéad over at Bumbles of Rice started a ‘Week In Dinners’ linky. I’m always interested in what other people are chomping down on, and I think it’s important to represent for the veggie contingent here in the Properfud house.

Monday: I concocted something with bulgar wheat, chickpeas and a creamy nutty dressing which was FINE but a bit forgettable. It got eaten by everyone but the leftovers are still in the fridge. I suppose I should chuck them now.

Tuesday: A random walk through the Marks & Spencer food hall meant some items threw themselves in my basket like Cheese Tasters, overpriced dark chocolate and stem ginger cookies (for a trip to a friends house), a Nutty Superfood Salad and a Sprouted Bean Salad.  For dinner the husband cooked up some quorn pieces with red pesto, a little stock and frozen spinach and we ate that served with the salads. The boys picked the bits they wanted out of the salads and we ate the rest. I didn’t even try to make them eat any more than they wanted because I wanted it all to myself.

Me, when I get my hands on Cheese Tasters

Slim-With-TinaWednesday: I got my hands on the Slim With Tina book a couple of weeks ago. You can find out more and buy it here.

I’m not slimming (see above), but I do really like Tina’s approach to health and fitness and this book includes lots of great meal ideas. I learned to run properly on a Run With Tina group course, and have had a strong social media friendship with her since.  My ever-popular pancake recipe even made it into her book with some healthy modifications! I was like a proud mammy when I saw that in there.





Anyway, she has a delicious simple Chana Masala recipe in the book. I had run out of chickpeas so it was technically Bean-a Masala, as I used a couple of tins of mixed beans. This is a real store-cupboard meal for me, I always have the ingredients (or substitutes!) on hand. I picked at food as I cooked and then ran out the door to my Boxfit class as the boys sat down for dinner. Plates were cleaned!  I also did some grilled aubergine and courgettes on the side because I swear I get itchy if my day doesn’t have enough veggies in it. My husband didn’t even offer them to anyone so I ate them all later *burp*




Thursday: I made both banana bread and scones on Thursday so had run out of steam a bit by dinner time. Baking with a toddler is double the work, and due to waning enthusiasm for both bonding and cleaning up obviously I dispatched him to in front of the TV while I rolled and cut them. That tiny baby bib is what he insisted on wearing as his apron. It protected NOTHING.



Luckily I found some Lorraine Pascale marscapone gnocchi in the freezer – this stuff is so good, I always make a good big batch and freeze some. I fried that up, served it on rocket with basil pesto, avocado and yellow peppers. Plates were served according to taste preferences – that is no leaves, loads of pepper for the kids. I think Teddy robbed about half my gnocchi.


Friday: I cooked up some fresh rice and the boys ate leftover Chana Masala. I didn’t feel so great with a crappy sore throat, and the husband had his eye on a takeaway. I eyed up an avocado smoothie recipe in a bid to make myself feel healthy. Then I thought about the Cheese Tasters for a bit. Curse you M&S and your tasty snacks! I relented and made the smoothie (and it was delicious). Did I have takeaway later? You’ll never know…


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Liked, and shared


As I once again loaded up the recipe for banana pancakes on the blog this morning, I noticed the date on the post – jan 28 2011 – more than 2 whole years since I last raved about them on here. Honestly you would think I’d know it off by now.

This morning I decided I could mention them again as I looked at my new family configuration enjoying making and eating them. Dominic did his one handed egg cracking trick and enthusiastically mashed the banana. He also licked some spilled flour off the countertop. I didn’t teach him that. Theo gobbled up strips, some dipped in berry juice, some plain, some in yogurt. I forgot to put a bib on…

They have easily been the most liked & shared recipe – and not just in a Facebook sense, in a real sense. Sisters, new mums, friends over for brunch, other bloggers, Facebook groups, tweets.

They’ve been adapted (apple sauce, flavoured yogurt, wholemeal flour) and enjoyed by mums, dads, regular human adults and kids.

So it’s Saturday morning…raise your mug of coffee – to weekends & to pancakes!
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Number 1 top recipe


shovelling: fastest method of eating

We had a quiet few days or so food-wise with Dom being sick & getting over being sick but this week he loved 2 things – the tuna croquettes from the BLW cookbook, and a veggie shepherd’s pie out of my head.  A review of the former is to follow, and the recipe for the latter when I remember what I did!

In the meantime I’ve posted these before.  In a lazy move, I’ve decided the recipe needs a reprisal.  I have justification, they’ve gotten the most feedback of any recipe on here on the mum & kids forum I usually frequent.  So go ahead, make them, and enjoy!

Amy’s Best Pancakes (feeds Erik, Amy, Siggy & now Mark, Jill & Dominic ) (adapted from Gourmet)

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 large egg, slightly beaten
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 ripe banana, mashed with a fork (you can leave out the banana and the ‘cakes are still good but the banana adds fluff and the perfect level of sweetness)

Whisk together all ingredients and drop by 1/4 cupful into med-hot frying pan, greased with vegetable oil. Flip when cakes begin to bubble. Flip again after 30 seconds or so, but don’t flatten with spatula. Keep in a warm oven until all batter is used up. I usually end up with around 12 (give or take a cake) 3-inch pancakes.

Next move this weekend hopefully, is to make double the batter, make all the pancakes and try freezing them for snacks.*  I reckon they’d defrost super quick. Dominic gets his brekkie in creche, but he can get a bit whingey in the morning and we’ve found a snack does the trick to keep him happy, and occupied enough in his high chair that we can rush around making our lunches/folding nappies/digging out the bike helmets/whooshing the cats out.

So far we’ve been giving him a cheese straw or half a rice cake with almond butter but i’d like to see how the pancakes work as snacks, with a view to sending them into creche for him too (to ease the oft-mentioned Organix related guilt!)

– Jill

*I’ve 10 sitting out cooling ready to go in the freezer now. They’d better freeze well!


thirsty business

we have an idea

Hello all!  I’ve been very busy with my friends in the creche.  I’ve turned into a little savage I love my brekkie and now I love my lunch too.  It’s because I’m so busy playing and crawling and now I like having a good stand up too.  It takes a lot of energy so I need a lot of food.  My bockles are getting smaller and I’m eating more proper food.

my berry nice beard

Daddy was making my breakfast last sunday, and I was shouting at him to hurry up.  He was making pancakes, which means its the weekend which is when it isn’t a creche day.  I had already eaten all the plain yogurt already.  He went off running up to mama which is what he does when he doesn’t know what to do and then he came back and everything was okay. We had blueberry yogurt in our pancakes instead and they were still yum.  So now we know.  I had lots of berries with them too and my handies and face were funny colours then.

– Dominic

3 meals on we’re back on track

leave me alone so i can eat my pancake

My mama is always running around now.  I shout after her a lot because I can’t crawl properly yet, never mind run. Everything was the same for ages, then we went on our holidays then I started going to that creche place. Then I stayed in Oma & Opa’s house when mama & dada went to their friends wedding and then we’ve been home again the last few nights. I’m meeting so many new people, the nice ladies that mind me but aren’t my mama, and the other babies that I play with in the creche. I wonder where I’m going tomorrow?

Mama says “Dom! Give me your handie! Handie!” lots.  Sometimes I give her my handie for the spoon of food and sometimes I don’t.  The ladies in the creche don’t have time for how long it takes me to eat so they just put the food in my mouth.  I’m very tired in the evening so it’s easier to just open my mouth and let mama or dada put the food in.

Then this weekend I’d more energy.  Not my usual amount of energy though – I have a cough & I’m not sleeping too well because of that.  Today me and mama and dada made a super special effort and I had 3 meals to eat only with my handies.

For breakfast we had dada’s Swedish friend Erik’s American wife Amy’s pancakes.  They have a little girl I want to meet but we have to wait til mama’s work let her take enough days off for us all to go to Sweden where they live. I don’t know where that is, but I hope they have duckies there.  I’ve had pancakes before, but I think I like these better because of the yogurt and banana in it. We ate them with greek yogurt & grapes.  Mama and dada had maple syrup too but said I couldn’t have any.  Don’t mind they were sweet and fluffy, and I like that.

Amy’s Best Pancakes (feeds Erik, Amy, Siggy & now Mark, Jill & Dominic )
(adapted from Gourmet)
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 large egg, slightly beaten
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1 ripe banana, mashed with a fork (you can leave out the banana and the ‘cakes are still good but the banana adds fluff and the perfect level of sweetness)

Whisk together all ingredients and drop by 1/4 cupfull into med-hot frying pan, greased with vegetable oil. Flip when cakes begin to bubble. Flip again after 30 seconds or so, but don’t flatten with spatula. Keep in a warm oven until all batter is used up. I usually end up with around 12 (give or take a cake) 3-inch pancakes.

For lunch, I had cheese and chicken and cherry tomato.  I had my chicken on brown bread with butter and I nommed it up.  Dada decided it was time for me to have meat again.  Mama doesn’t mind so much because now dada has to take charge of cooking for me for a couple of days to use up the whole chicky in the fridge.

Then for my dinner Dada made a very speedy chicken & couscous recipe from the Annabel Karmel book. He put in some lovely creme fraiche to make it stickier for me to pick up.  I got it in my mouth and everywhere else.  Mama says she’s not sure why she bothered washing the floor and my chair this morning at all at all.

– Dom

food under one is just for fun

It’s hard this BLW lark sometimes.  It’s hard not falling in with the most common approach to things even if your way seems like it should be easier.  So when I read forums full of “what does your 6/7 month old eat?” style threads I curse myself.  Because there’s days when I wish I could say he has:

  • 7oz bottle
  • porridge
  • 3 cubes of veg & protein
  • 8oz bottle
  • etc etc

Because I really don’t know if he gets the right amount – if I “let” him BF too often, or if his diet is varied enough.  I mean, I know there’s no such thing as breastfeeding too much, but when he’s teething or just generally antsy it’s the easiest option for comfort for him.  And  because I’m not spoonfeeding him, if he doesn’t want food, I really can’t just shove it in there.  I don’t want to though, don’t get me wrong.  Somedays you just don’t feel like tucking in (hmm, I don’t have those days actually), but I suppose when your face hurts quite often you would be put off.   If I could grow the teeth for him I would.  One of his front top teeth has broken through and its partner is on its way.  Am looking forward to cute toothypeg photos very soon!

Pear, aubergine (grilled with some olive oil) and a go of a stir fry have been new tastes this past week.  The stir fry included fennel, tofu & buckwheat noodles.  Sure lots of 30 year olds haven’t eaten that.  And he’s developing quite a taste for porridge too (hah – his dad, defied!).  I thought i’d completely messed it up the other day – it was stodgy and the berries were half defrosted.  Mean mama that I am, I presented it to him anyway, and he wolfed it down!  Love of natural yogurt continues apace – with mashed banana mixed in, or on its own.  I’m particularly proud of this, because I can happily finish his food – I don’t think i’d be quite so pleased polishing off half eaten Petit Filous – though doubtless I would.   Another breakfast favourite I’ve scored 2 for 2 on is american style pancakes.  Thats strictly a weekend option though.

I guess the best thing to do is just not compare to 3-meals-a-day spoonfed babas.  We have a healthy diet in general, so he must too.  (I say that just after I’ve eaten 1000 mini Daims this past week – curses on you ikea!)  He was eyeing me up drinking a bottle of Diet Coke on our walk earlier though.  One disadvantage of BLW is that they do seem to notice exactly what you’re consuming as they often have the same off your plate.  Thank the gods for Organix, their little rice cakes divert his attention nicely.

Now, I’m off to repeat my mantra, the cry of the baby led weaner: food under one is just for fun