Le sigh. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

My daddy makes me the best dinners.  He got me from the creche last night when mamma was still in work and we went home and played for a while we did trains and jumping.  Then he went to the kitchen to make dinner and one Handy Manny later it was ready.  We had sausages and then  out of the white beeping  box we had potatoes, carrots & broccoli.  I nommed it up.  Sausages are new to me, mamma won’t eat them with me and dadda but sometimes she has special ones from the brrrfreezer and dadda and me eat them too.

Today my mammy chopped up 2 big oberjeans and put them in the dangeroushotoven. Mostly I like to see what she’s doing but it was taking her ages today and I didn’t bother. There were tomatoes and pasta too and cheese on top and it took so much time that I had a bath and everything.  Then we all had dinner together. Doma had dinner and dadda had dinner and mamma had dinner but only mamma loved dinner.  I don’t think dadda likes oberjeans very much and I said my tooth hurt and it was better when I had milk then my other tooth hurt and I drank more milk and it was better so I stopped eating dinner and had a yogurt and mamma said she thought i mean my tung hurt and she shouldn’t have put chilli in the dinner.



yep we're those parents now

We went on our holidays.  Again!  This time we kept it local (reasonably) and went to West Cork.   We stayed in a gorgeous cosy holiday home which belongs to the family of a friend of mine.  We did a mixture of eating in & cafes & restaurants.  However the presiding memory of Dominic for the week, was the ever present plaintive cry of  “sack, sack, sack” (snack).


Raisins, grapes, sawbrees (strawberries), organix cheese n herb puffs/carrot sticks and the new top favourite:  Ella’s Kitchen Smoothie Fruit pouches.  We did a big shop on the way to the house, and as I threw treat after treat into the trolley for grown ups (cake, wine, crisps, assorted fancy things that don’t feature in our weekly shop usually) I thought Dominic could do with a treat too.  They were only 85c each so what the hell.  We deployed these mostly when the parents wanted a treat too.  A big creamy pint of Murphy’s shaped treat.  Trouble was he sucked them back in about 20 seconds, and then harangued us for more and more and cue 2 desperate parents mere sips into their ale trying to get last drops squeezed out for de child.

nyom nyom

Everything was done for convenience this week.  Dinners for Dominic were simple frittatas, pasta & fresh pesto, potato cake from leftover mash, bits of our grub when out.

He seesawed & swung for Ireland, met donkeys out on long walks, splashed around the beach in his new wetgear, played with the neigbours doggie, crossed the new bridge at Mizen Head, and fed the local duckies (mostly fed himself while watching us feed them). And with that much fresh sea air, his appetite wasn’t lacking.

howyis lads

We’re trying to get into snack control though!  He’s starting in the morning with a few dry shreddies, that’s before he heads to creche and eats 2 weetabix there.  Then this evening he had leftovers for his dinner, then a kiwi, then I made parental dinner after I came in from work, at which point he sat between us begging like a puppy from our forks.  After that?  “Snack?”  I wouldn’t mind but his 12-18 month pants are still falling off his skinny bum!

– Jill

here’s a tip for you

BLW cookbook  – Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Don’t try and make meatballs this using quorn mince!  I had a feeling this might happen, there’s no fat inherent in quorn mince to make the meatballs really stick together.  They had the usual egg & breadcrumbs, and looked like perfect roundy specimens as they chilled in the fridge.  But as soon as they hit the oil they kinda crumbled.  Figured in for a penny in for a pound and just crushed them all up.  So we had a good ol fashioned “mince”y tomatoey dinner.  And it was really tasty, simmered in the tomato sauce.

I’m guessing we’re not the first people to try making quorn mince meatballs though, so after a quick google, I’ve found this recipe on the Baby Led Weaning site, which involves smaller meatballs and baking them in the sauce so definitely going to try again.

It’s a little hard to judge whether Dominic likes things or not at the moment.  His current 2 top food related words nooooo & “moh?” (more).  No, in this case, doesn’t always mean no. He’ll often say it then happily keep eating, or take what you’ve offered.  More is usually a demand for more pasta, more grapes, or more yogurt.  He can have them!  “Wuh wuh” (water) is also fierce popular, but as much for its messing abilities as its thirst quenching goodness.  He often has snacks like a breadstick or a few grapes while we’re preparing dinner post creche.  It’s pretty hard when we get in the door from creche, throw the bags down and try to start dinner.  There’s only ever one parent home at that point, and it’s tough to chop and season and sauté while Dom stands arms up towards either you or the food cupboards.   So I might be filling him with snacks before dinner is ready.

We’re doing pretty well at meal planning at the moment.  We’ll have 4 things decided that we’ll make during the week, but we’re not good at making things in advance.  The furthest I’ll go is chopping some stuff before work in the morning. And in this house that’s ultra prepared…

oberjeen yum.

a new favourite?

Today is Gud Friday.  Mama didn’t think it was Gud Friday though because she went to work.  My creche was closed and I spent the day with dada which made it a Very Gud Friday.  But then I went to see mama at her work because me and dada were out and about.  I did some running around in the kitchen at mama’s work until I made a new friend called Lily.  Lily wanted to give me crinkly crisps but mama wouldn’t let her.  Instead Lily fed me her whole yogurt and then gave me her apple too. Mama got her a creme egg to say thank you.

When mama came home from work I was shouting a lot. I was very hungry even though I had snacks after my nap. Mama made us all pasta with strong flavours. Thats what dada called it. I don’t think he really liked his.  She left some with no sauce for me in case I didn’t like sauce but I really did. (goats cheese, black olive, garlic, sundried tomatoes – in place of anchovies – in this recipejill) I ate the pasta with the sauce and then something new aswell I haven’t had before which was very tasty. Oberjeen. Dada didn’t like his oberjeen so I ate some of it too.  Mama said some people call it eggplant.  I like eggys but this isn’t like eggys so that is a silly name.


I’m okay fans!

Hello all, I’m feeling much better. I’m a bit warm still sometimes but I like the medsin, meddzen pink stuff I get when I’m a bit warm.  I point at it when I see it but then mama goes and puts it in the room where I have my bath so I can’t see it and then I don’t think to cry for it.   I’m really hungry and dada and mama are delighted about that.  Food over one isn’t for fun anymore you see, it’s a serious business.  When I was in the hopspital I didn’t eat anything all day until the very end and then when they saw me eat toast they sent me home.  Is eating toast bold like standing up hitting Iggle Piggle on the tv?

I ate lots of fud yesterday and none of it came back up in a big puddle out of my mouth.  I have made big puddles on my cot and my bedroom floor, and my chair and mama and dada’s bed and bedroom floor and the sofa, and the kitchen and everywhere I could think of.  So today I ate porridge for breakfast and I didn’t want much of my water.  But after I had a lovely long nap I wanted my sippy cup back and I had rice cakes with almond butter and some raisins at lunchtime, and a fruit pot and sweetcorn rings for a snack and then mama thought to make something she hadn’t made in ages which was spinach balls with pasta and courgette sauce .  It was yummy and dada loves it too.  mama left me some more for lunch today and dada kept eating them I saw him there better be enough for me because I AM BACK.

– Dom

nom nom nom pasta

This week I have been mostly eating pasta with my dinners.  Me and mama and dada and oma and opa are going on a plane to italy soon so mama says i’m in training.  i don’t know where italy is maybe its near mammó’s house or maybe auntie lisa or emma’s houses?  i’ll see when i get there.

Mama said already about my lentil lasagne.  Yesterday dada made penne with peppers & onions & pesto & creme fraiche (I had to ask mama to spell that bit for me) and I nommed it all up.  Then today we met Fiona & Rachel at lunchtime after me & mama’s bootcamp (it was windy i had my wintery hat on) and I ate more of that again and some broccoli.  I touched the waitress on her bottom while she asked some men what they wanted for their lunch.  Mama and the girls had a good laugh but told me that I couldn’t always get away with that.  I don’t think the waitress minded, I might do it again.

This evening then mama made spaghetti bolognaise.  Some women called Linda McCartney left her mince in the freezer and mama used it, I hope she doesn’t come looking for it.  Dada thought I needed a spoon.  No way.  Sure what else are my handies for?

– Dom

fistfuls of fud

At the start Dom experimented with picking up food himself. Pieces of mango & avocado shot sloppily through his tightly closed fist. Long soldiers of toast stuck out the bottom end of his paw while he tried in vain to eat the the 2mm that stuck out at the top end. Then, over time, he’s learned that different types of food require different amounts of pressure to hold them properly, and how to use one hand to guide the other towards his mouth. I was puzzled for a bit about how to get him to eat mushy food, and one good way is to use other foods as dippers – conduits for the good stuff. So, sticks of pitta with huge chunks of hummous/mashed banana/avocado on them help, but there’s always the fear that he will just nom on carbs happily til the cows come home.
The pre-loaded spoon works well, but as soon as he’s decided he’s done, the spoon gets de-loaded all over the place, and the spoon often ends up in the cats’ bed.  Recently, as seen with the lentil bolognaise he’s become quite adept at just picking up soft food and getting it in there.

Last night we had a creamy leek pasta for dinner. We (ahem, actually Mark made this) did use salted butter, but we added no more salt – well, I did, at the table – and only a tiny bit of parmesan. We also used wholewheat fusilli. I know you’re not supposed to use added salt in under ones food, but given I know exactly what he eats and the lack of processed food in his diet I’m really not worried about the tiny bit of salt that he does consume.

Apart from one incident when early on Dom picked up the plate & dropped it all on the ground it was a good new food experience. Luckily we tend to make big dinners with plenty for seconds. I love leek as an ingredient but of course, creamy buttery cheesy sauce pretty much makes everything tasty.

It turns out, even slippery strands of leek can be coaxed out between the fingers of a clenched fist.
Though, it does kinda look like he might be practising a bit of pincer gripping with his index finger & thumb under there. I’ll admit I am a little scared of encouraging the pincer grip, I’m guessing its going to bring a whole new bout of gagging as he tries smaller firmer foods. That’s for another day, or month, though.


New tastes. Mama a bit sad.

3 cheers for other BLW’s.  Dom had some of his beloved (well he loved it that once) pasta-with-courgette-sauce-and-spinach-balls for lunch there and happily wolfed it again.  Excuse his hair, it looks like I’ve just taken his rollers out.  He’s a fluffy headed child no doubt about it.

The recipes on the offical Baby Led Weaning forum are great.  I’ve thought sometimes when I’ve read them, hmm, how on earth is he going to eat that. And then he shows me:  Mama, what are hands made for!?

It’s the bolognaise part of this lentil lasagne recipe. So good for all of us – lentils & kidney beans for protein, spinach for iron, and all the rest of the lovely tastes – onion, tomato, herbs.  Was delighted with myself for offering this up in nutrition terms, and it was a parental team effort too.  Bonus is the recipe made enough for 4 adult dinners, 4 baby dinners and a batch to freeze to make the actual lasagne from!  It’s oranginess meant an early bath for Dom.

Now, the hard part.  Most people know I’m vegetarian for the last 15 years.  In fact by this Christmas I’ll have spent more time being veggie than not being veggie.  No meat, fish, jellies or marshmallows (keep meaning to buy such sweet treats here at sweet and sara or here at scrumptious sweets Or if anyone wants to do that for me, that’d be fine too.)  Anyway, we’re a Percy Pig free house, in every sense.  However, I’ve never forced veggieness on anyone, as husbag is oft reminded when he moans about veggie cooking being too hard to make interesting etc etc.  We had 5 years of discussing whether we’d bring up our  hypothetical child as a vegetarian.  Now that child is a reality-child, I chose not to fight that battle.  He will hopefully, like his mama did, see sense & become vegetarian.  And I will buy him Thats Why We Don’t Eat Animals, so that he has a balanced viewpoint.

We were at a friends house this weekend eating an outdoor buffet lunch.  Such is the sophistication of the baby led weaning baby, and the laziness of its parents that it can partake in the adult food also.  Brown bread & hummous! yay!  Cheese! yay! cucumber & tomato from the salad! yay!  chicken…oh, wait.  He had some chicken.  He fairly nommed it too.  So I held up my hands, and offered full rein to the da over Dom’s meaty-eatin’ ways.  Last night, a chicken roasted in our oven.  This has never happened in any oven of mine.

And this evening, together, father & son partook in some chicken salad together. Dom ate some in what can only be described as iceberg style.  95% in his cheeks, 5% sticking out.  His 3 teeth did their best, but the chicken won this time and had to be pulled out.  I handed over some tomato and it was squished and sucked and taken out and put back in and whimpered for.

All is not lost my child, all is not lost.