Nuts for coconuts.

Yes, it’s that time of year; coconuts are cheap and plentiful in our supermarkets.  I was excited about this last year too, but it bears repeating given that in the intervening 12 months I have become an even bigger fan of the fuzzy ovals of goodness, adding it’s amazing oil to my Things I Love From Coconuts list, the contents of which are published below:

  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut water
  • Coconut flesh

Last year I used a corkscrew, but my husband – perhaps over-egging the coconut – decided a drill was yer only man for the task. Or you could try a screwdriver but probably not if you have a decent sense of self preservation and place value on not stabbing yourself in the hand.


Yes, the coconut does indeed look like it’s weeing.

Drill through one of the dents (nope, still don’t know the proper word for those) and pour out the delicious coconut water through a sieve.

Here’s our pure coconut water – mean mammy would only hand over a small bit – and a few days of healthy snacking.  All for a mere 69c.


Pre-bedtime hydration

Silly Fancy Bottom Pizza.

Twelve full seconds of silence. Watch them.  See the contented chewing and nodding and not hitting each other.  This could be your house too.  Read on! Continue reading

What I’ve learned

We’re two days into Big School now, and I’ve yet to break it to him that he won’t be staying at home with mum or his grandparents on mondays anymore. So we’ll see how that goes in the morning. He’s learned a few things in the five hours he’s attended so far – and so have I.  Like: Continue reading

This is it. Firsts.

Plenty of firsts here this week. Nothing unusual there: houses up and down the country are sorting out little pinafores and little schoolbags in anticipation of first days at school. Continue reading

Because why wouldn’t you bring a ukelele to bed?

…and do a sort of spoken word version of This Old Man.

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Well, that was a simple meal. Three freshly-shucked half corn on the cobs put away by a two year old.

Sweetcorn love

om nom nom nom

Midweek? Check. Lazy? Check. Perfect!